Betsy gets healthy, pt 1

Had an unanticipated visit with my doctor this week, after experiencing some funky symptoms last week that may have been signs of potential heart problems. (Was really really annoyed re. same, for reasons you'll read about at the end of this post...) The results? Since May 14, my blood pressure went from 138/80 to 117/75 My resting heart rate was 76 72, down from 80 Passed the EKG with "flying colors", according to my doctor My blood sugars are back into 'all normal' ranges, as ongoing tests indicate Finally, I've lost 18 lbs since mid-April So the dizziness/lightheadedness that kicked in last week (and continues even today)? Nope, it's not high blood pressure, [Read more...]

If it’s not about the upcoming bat mitzvah…

....then I can't be bothered. The artist formerly known as Drama Mama (now referred to as @TheSheTeen on Twitter) is having her bat mitzvah on July 9th of this year. And despite my best attempts to not have it consume my life - well, it's starting to consume my life. No, we're not having a major shindig (what we refer to as a "Beverly Hills bar mitzvah") around these earthy-crunchy parts. It's not a PDX thing, don't you know... No, we're not renting out a huge ballroom, hiring a photographer, or stocking up on party favors. Yes, the invitations are prepped to go out, and almost everything has been arranged. Yes, she knows her Torah portion (in fact, she's [Read more...]