When you've been raising kids for over 17 years, the 'first word'... 'first step'... 'first lie'... 'first day of (elementary/middle/high) school' markers blur together over time. What? Your kids didn't try to lie to you before kindergarten? I guess mine are advanced or something... The first kid? Got all kinds of pictures. Notes in digital journals. Ooohs and aaahs for each new accomplishment. The second (and successive) kid? They're lucky that you even noticed, most of the time. I will say that Kid #2 has way more pictures of her than I have of her older brother. Two reasons: 1) the iPhone, and 2) she wants me to take her picture...) But the subtle [Read more...]

The Artist formerly Known as ‘Drama Mama’… now (for another month or so, anyway) known as @TheTween. She is still mercurial. Still a performer at heart. And just had her own brief theater review published. Go see what she had to say about the touring production of Billy Elliot! (Thanks to my friend Sabrina Miller, who graciously passed her tickets over...)