And how was *your* holiday season this year?

Scratch that. I really don't want to know about your oodles of new gifts. The time you spent cuddled in the bosum of your loved ones. Or the family traditions... newly-made memories... or the renewal of time-honored traditions. Been there, did that once upon a time - then got the credit card and/or therapy bills later. Instead, I want to take a few minutes (on my own little blog) to whine incessantly about just how much my holiday season moved up past 11 on the volume knob of holidays. In suckitude, that is. But shouldn't I have not been expecting much this year, anyway? (Especially given earlier pronouncements about how I typically do not celebrate Christmas and/or do it [Read more...]

The first step? You have to hate yourself.

(I've been composing bits and pieces of this post in my head for months now - not quite sure if I was ready to put it out there quite yet. Thanks to Leslie's comment on my previous post, though - I'm now ready to let it fly - and it's guaranteed to offend someone. If that someone is you? I will both apologize to you for inadvertently causing pain while still standing behind what is, after all, my own perspective, written from my own experience. Caveat: it's long, and written in stream-of-consciousness-style, so won't be edited/condensed much. It's the only real way to get it out, don't you know...) I have been a morbidly obese and/or mostly-obese woman for almost all of my [Read more...]

When prejudice trumps all…

(Yes, it's time for another dating horror story, which I'll try to present in a fairly objective fashion. Or not.) We all have them - our list of wants, desires, hopes, dreams and/or requirements, that is - when we start to actively pursue dating again. And if you're anything like me, well - you separate them into the 'must-have's' and the 'nice to have's; the 'I can live with that' and 'that'll get annoying over time' or 'good for now, but surely not good to the last drop?' You also try to reserve judgment/keep an open mind where possible - while trying to stay true to what you already know about yourself. So the guy who routinely uses 'ain't'? Moves into 'in your face' [Read more...]

On Twitter & dating. Or dating + Twitter. Or something, anyway…

(I had some clever and/or cutesy titles for this post when I was writing it in my head over the last week or so - except none of them worked. So I'm going for the 'clear and straightforward, if overly verbose' angle...let's see how this works instead.) As careful readers of both this blog and have discerned, well - I've been attempting to get out and meet people. Including potential dating partners - whether via services like or OKCupid, in person at various events or places around town, or (gasp) other online services. How's that been working for me, you wonder? As with anything else, it's a mix: some good, some not so good. But compared to the [Read more...]

Creating the chili – a morning-after activity

(I'd consider this the part two to the previous post - read that first if you want to know what inspired this creation...) Woke up with an, um, excess of energy this morning - so thought I'd put it to, uh, productive use. Of course, I live-tweeted the creation as follows: Time to make the (beanless) chili that the kids won't eat. Pulled out 2-5 lbs of stew meat, 2 onions, 2 peppers, and assorted cans of tomato products. I'm not really crying, you know (am just chopping the onions...) Onions go into bottom of crockpot with bacon fat & beef suet on high, w/handful of kosher salt. Yes, I'm rough-chopping the veggies (I'm just working it out, is all...) Used big knife to manhandle [Read more...]