While I Wasn’t Paying Attention…

...this site got mentioned in an aside in an article in our daily newspaper that focused on my friend and blogging idol Dave (of Dave Knows). (Side note: If you're an online PDX person and you don't already know about Dave? Stop what you're doing and read the article now, ok? Thanks...) Apparently, a few of you read that article, wandered my way, and discovered that, no, I'm not really a parenting blogger any more. (At least, I'm not a parent you really want to take advice from...!) Both kids are old enough now that they've put the kibosh on any funny blog stories about them without prior approval first — and you know that just takes all the fun out of it if I [Read more...]

Horribly Stilted

So. There's been a bunch of stuff going on that I: Cannot. Talk. About. And it's driving me completely, absolutely, batshit. Because I *want* to talk about it. I think it might benefit someone else, you see. Or it might be cathartic — relieve some of the pressure that's building up (oh, yes, it's building up) in a way that's guaranteed to blow soon. At the very least, it'd save me from telling what seems like the same story over and over and over again, or giving updates to the many caring people in my life who want updates. But I know I can't. Talk, that is. I'm either going to violate someone else's privacy, do it in a completely inappropriate way, share [Read more...]