My New Baby: Redoing Media

As if I didn't have enough going on, what with the two kids, day job, volunteering stints, shepherding OurPDX, preparing for my conversion (more about this soon), etc. etc. etc. - I just launched a side project that's near and dear to my heart: a weekly internet radio show airing on Thursdays at 1 pm on I'm calling it Redoing Media (and yes, there's a website that I've been furiously building out over the last week or so). You can listen to it live on Thursdays — or you can stream it or download it from the site itself. And with any luck, it'll also be in iTunes soon! Here's the show description I'm submitting to iTunes: From paperback to iPad, [Read more...]

Life is never dull

I could trot out all kind of hoary metaphors while writing this post - but I'll try to spare you. Suffice to say that 2010 has completely and thoroughly spanked my ass to date. But before you respond with sympathy, know this. It could have been much, much worse. And it's currently getting much much better than it had been in quite some time. So, as I preach to the kids — 'can't go around it, can't go under it, buck up and plow through it'. That's what I'm doing. And you?