It Was Worth It

It's been a rough few weeks lately. I've felt scattered, pressured, pulled in too many directions, or questioned about things that ought to have always been clear. I pride myself on being clear, direct and focused. Able to juggle things with finesse, moving from early-AM meeting to a night at the tween's music concert (requiring logistics like the obligatory flowers after the solo performance and the 'oh, PLEASEEEE can we go out for a special treat afterwards' request.) But lately, I'm getting grief. Feeling overloaded, snapping at people who don't deserve it. Annoyed at expectations that far exceed what I'd ever committed to in the first place. And it's showing [Read more...]

Back by popular demand…

The SayNoToMo movement! Better known as the Say No to More cause, it means we don't do any of these things... Bust our asses to write a novel in 30 days that no one will ever read (better known as NaNoWrMo) Commit to writing a new blog post every day (NaBloPoMo) Fail to groom ourselves in appropriate ways (Novembeard) ...or anything else that requires that we do (or don't do) something every single freakin' day. (You hear that, I'm on the wagon as of today. Who needs to be reminded to 'drink my water' every day, anyway?) The moral? No commitments. The to-do list? Completely empty. That works for me. Who else is in...?

Not Around Here Much These Days…

What can I say? This place has been around for over 6 years. But I've been distracted by the shiny pebbles on the road a lot lately... Whether it's Twitter, OurPDX (now on hiatus), the Redoing Media show, or (shhh, don't tell the kids) occasional dips into, uh, Facebook - yes, I've been unfaithful. Stepping out. Catting around, as it may. And yet I don't want to hang it up here just yet, either. Until I figure it out? There's always Which can feed Facebook, Twitter & more. If you haven't already been overexposed to the minutia that is my life, that is...

Canning the Summer Away: Roasted Tomato Sauce

(this post originally appeared on my Posterous site; am migrating it over here...) The 2 most successful items I canned last summer were both tomato-based: my roasted tomato sauce & the classic chili sauce from the Ball Blue Book of Canning (of course, I muxed around with that recipe last time. Don't you know by now that I cannot resist muxing around with recipes?). The roasted tomato sauce recipe is a tried-and-true one, and the only truly laborious part is the halving and de-seeding of the roma tomatoes themselves. (I do not peel them. Not ever. Why? They add needed heft and structure to the sauce once lightly pureed, after all..) I'm making it RIGHT NOW, in fact. [Read more...]

My Summer Vacation

Teen is home, eating me out of house and home. Tween is off at sleepover camp for 18! Whole! Days! She's having a marvelous time doing Glee lip-synching, Harry Potter Quidditch game re-enactments, whitewater rafting, changing her name and learning her Torah portions for next year's Bat Mitzvah. Yes, she's at a very entertaining B'nai Brith camp that also provides Facebook updates for parents... And while the tween is away and the teen is busy eating, well...I've been having fun. Tuesday night theater excursions. Wednesday night tiki drinks with a good friend, where we vowed to be each other's "call me when your car breaks down" buddies. (Hmm...maybe I should have gotten [Read more...]