Well, So Much for That…

Last night (after I slaved over this semi-celebratory post, no less), @ladeedoo quietly informed me that she wanted to start taking her ADHD medication again for this week's summer camp. She very clearly didn't want to begin again — much tears and drama and 'oh, woe is me!' ensued after she told me what she'd decided. And she also wouldn't give me any specifics about just why she made that decision, other than "I think I need to be a little bit more in control." So I packed a healthy lunch today that she's not likely to eat, tried to make sure she got a decent breakfast, and watched as she took the lower-dose pill we'd gotten for the summer anyway. This morning, [Read more...]

Growth Spurt!

Drama Mama (now henceforth to be referred to as @ladeedoo) and I have been in a routine that's been working to manage her off-the-charts ADHD for the last year or so. Her psychiatrist and I are both pleased with how effectively her long-acting Focalin has been working for her — but more importantly, my kid feels successful and in control when she's taking her medication. She doesn't get it all the time — instead, she gets one pill every weekday, plus one on shabbat school/hebrew days on Saturday - but the rest of the time (including holidays), she's medication-free. I've been typically keeping her on medication during the summer weekdays as well, as it helps curb [Read more...]

What have I been up to?

Doing good things hither and yon, that's what! (Shhh, don't tell anyone....) I've been taking time off from work to witness Drama Mama's 5th grade promotion events, from dances to class picnic to other assorted celebrations (flash mob of 90 kids breaking out into The Hustle in the school cafeteria? Yeah, saw that...!) I've been using gluttony for good by orchestrating this pie eating contest, raising 450 dollars for our local Free Geek non-profit as a result I'm helping friends gracefully unwind their business via posts on OurPDX And I've been raising money to fund the hosting of my daughter's (now-former) elementary school website by writing a review of Volvo's [Read more...]