Celebrations and rememberances

Today, my young daughter turned eleven. She's teetering on the edge of womanhood — not afraid to flip me an eyeroll and a hairflip in one breath, then snuggle up next to me to give me a bear-crushing hug and exuberant kiss five minutes later. She's thrilled at the gift of her very own cell phone (one she's been campaigning for years now), yet wanted to also take her special birthday balloon to dinner as well. And even though I know she's going to work my last nerve in the years to come, I'm proud of the beautiful, talented, empathetic girl she is right now. She was born eleven years ago on Memorial Day. Then, I thought I'd already passed through the worst thing [Read more...]

Proof positive…

...that my increasingly snarky and unappreciative teenage son occasionally can show gratitude: Yes, I did him a solid. Yes, he cringed when I referred to it later in person (once we'd both arrived back home) as 'doing you a solid.' But he still paid me back by moving my laundry from the washer to the dryer, he did! (And yes, I will continue to save this photographic evidence as proof and gaze upon it lovingly in the appreciation-free days to come...)