Once Upon A Time…

(Yes, it's a self-deprecating tale that's anything but mythical, sadly...) ...a woman dragged her sick self to the grocery store to stock up on groceries for her family. She brought her stir-crazy sick child with her. (Hey, they were both stir-crazy & starting to feel better.) It was, of course, a crazy Sunday afternoon and the place was packed. When they returned to the car, it would not start. At all. Strangers took pity on her & tried to jumpstart her car. The woman wasn't confident of their abilities and called them off when electrical smoke started coming from around the radio (thanks to alert kid who sounded the alarm from the backseat!) Kid insisted that we [Read more...]

Alive? Barely….

I was so happy this year — I'd managed to dodge The Crud. When the teen was felled for weeks on end? I was healthy. When people at my office started falling down like dominoes? I still managed to endure. I thought I'd been humble, grateful, and/or made the proper sacrifices to the proper deities. And it's March already — shouldn't The Crud be gone by now? Well, apparently not. Or else it decided to take me as part of its encore bow. (It decided to take The Kid Who Is Never Sick along for the ride as well, so we've been hacking and/or coughing and/or sneezing in harmony.) It was brutal. Worst I've had in years. So bad that I left my laptop in its case for [Read more...]