Triple-Ginger Chocolate Stout Gingerbread

I had really good luck making the Mendenhall Sourdough Gingerbread recipe while we were all snowbound last week — the kids devoured it (including the two extra kids I inherited due to snow.) But while I loved using my sourdough starter for this, I wasn't quite happy with the recipe. Enter Smitten Kitchen's Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread recipe, which promised to add the spicy, earthy notes I was looking for (it starts out by calling for Guinness, no less!) So I mashed the two recipes together, adding my own twists. I figured I could substitute Black Butte Porter for the Guinness called for - but also wanted to add both fresh ginger & crystallized ginger. Thought it could [Read more...]

Yes, I’m Still Alive

What am I up to, anyway? We're snowed in! For days now! Portland doesn't usually get snow, and when we do it freaks us out, ices up and/or melts quickly, and generally causes more trouble than it warrants. This time around? We've had snow for days (the kids had the last 3 of 5 school days canceled.) We're housebound, short-tempered, and about ready to gnaw each other's arms off. Sounds like fun, right? Why don't we just go outside and play in the stuff, you might ask? We've also been sick. Dog-sick. So I can barely drag myself out of the house to forage for essentials, much less shovel the driveway. At least we now have heat, though. See, we didn't for close to a [Read more...]