SayNoToMo, Year Two

Last year, I vowed that instead of doing NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, I was creating my own activity for the month of November: SayNoToMo. Here's what I said about it last year: So, for this November, I have decided that I will appoint myself as the president and founding member of what I’m betting will be the newest, hottest Internet craze: Say No To More - better known as SayNoToMo. (Since it’s not yet a national movement, I can’t yet add on the Na part, right?) Who else is in with me? If it takes off I might just make banners. Incorporate. Buy the domain and start yet another site… Oh, wait - where was I? That’s right. Repeat after me: Say No To More. This year, I'm [Read more...]

Weekend flotsam

In no particular order... I'm loving the Genius playlist feature in iTunes! It's a great way to discover music I'd long forgotten about, and it puts great mixes together. Just find a song to seed the playlist, highlight it, and press the genius button in the lower right corner. Voila — playlist! I'm stunned and humbled by everyone who's offered help as I begin to put my Ignite Portland presentation together. I put out a call for graphic assistance on Twitter, and now have people offering up their Flickr streams, help brainstorming graphic images, or even illustration help! This 'cooking real food' business is exhausting! Sure, I made kickass multigrain pancakes [Read more...]

I am a total and complete fraud

So, as it turns out, I have been selected as one of fourteen people presenting at the next Ignite Portland on November 13th. Good news, right? Well, my fifteen year old son (who has been lovingly nicknamed PITA, for 'pain in the ass') laughed loudly and uproariously when he heard the news. Especially after he heard the topic of my talk: How to get people to do what you want them to do... "Hey, Moooom. I've just decided that I'm NOT going to take out the garbage and recycling tonight after all. How are you going to MAKE me do it, hmmm?" I have the funny feeling that if I want the garbage out tonight, I'm going to have to go back on at least one of the promises I made [Read more...]

Yes, I’m a cliche

I'm going to write one of those whiny but I'm sooooo buuuuusy! posts. Tooooo Busy to Blog. But instead of a whine and dash, I'll give you the capsule version about why I've been away: Work. Crazy. Busy. MustStopSoon Kids. Require food and clothing and stuff. Require care and feeding. Require transportation here and there and everywhere. Extra bonus: Back to School evening meetings! World. More evening meetings aren't great —but I suck it up and attend them anyway. Either that or I suck at saying no to people/organizations, ugh. Me. I've been carving out time for me. Shamelessly announced I was having a birthday party (disguised as an OurPDX meetup) and [Read more...]