I Survived WordCamp Portland!

(and yes, I'm wearing a t-shirt to prove it...) Yesterday's all-day conference was so so so worth it. Even though it consumed several nights before-hand for those of us helping to organize WordCamp. Even though it meant getting to Cubespace by 7 am to manage registration. And yes, even though it meant I got my presentation captured on video for posterity's sake (or perhaps to provide future amusement for my children.) Now you're probably wondering just what was so amazing about hanging out with people who all use a similar blogging platform. After all, people don't give up their Saturday to share the love for Microsoft Word, do they? But it's not the platform. [Read more...]

I’m speaking…

...at WordCamp Portland this Saturday, September 27th. My topic? From Concept to Execution in Eight Days (The story of the birth of OurPDX Network. ) I'm also sponsoring the conference (am supplying the much-appreciated keg, heh), plus working behind the scenes to help organize WordCamp. Sadly, if you don't already have a spot confirmed, you're out of luck - we're full-up and have a lengthy wait list. Now, to put together an amusing slideshow...! (If you have suggestions about how to make an otherwise deadly-dull PPT interesting, I'm all ears...!)

I miss Jed Bartlet

Thankfully, I can still get glimpses of him from time to time. Here's a taste... OBAMA I didn’t expect you to answer the door yourself. BARTLET I didn’t expect you to be getting beat by John McCain and a Lancôme rep who thinks “The Flintstones” was based on a true story, so let’s call it even. And while I'm at it? Drop by my friend PAgent's site to read this gem.

I was starting to get nervous…

I'd been told that I'd get at least one phone call. Or maybe an email. But as the days crept on and I got nada, I started to worry. The feeling of dread intensified when I called both my son's cell and my ex's cell an hour after they should have landed (and yes, I was tracking their flight online), only to get bumped to voicemail. But I should have known. The first words out of my daughter's mouth when she bounded through the door? "Why didn't you answer my email? I sent you two letters...!" Turns out she'd sent them to the logical email address - the one that shows up as a contact in her Gmail account. Sadly, it's also the only one of my six mail accounts that I don't [Read more...]

While My Kids Are Overseas, I’m…

Waaait a minute, you say. Overseas? Wha? Didn't school just start? Yes, both kids went back to school this past week. But then they promptly loaded up their suitcases (well, *I* had a hand in that) and jumped on two planes with The Father to attend a family wedding. In Israel. I got a call from them yesterday during their layover in the Atlanta airport. Drama Mama was her usual bubbly self, exclaiming over "the video screens! on the back of every seat! and it has movies and tv shows and even games!" And I took the call while sitting on an outdoor patio on a gorgeous early fall night in Portland, Oregon. I was enjoying happy hour with friends, after enjoying [Read more...]