Bringing Home a Blue Ribbon

Update: My kid's pie is now on Slashfood! We've been baking pies here at the house in preparation for the First Annual Portland Pie-Off (to read more about the Pie-Off, see their site here or catch up over at OurPDX.) Despite the many red herrings I tried to throw out on Twitter about the secret ingredients in my own pie (ginger! balsamic vinegar! bourbon! turpentine! vodka!), I committed a classic Betsy faux pas—muxing around too much. As a result, my pie was, um, funky and way too runny. Drama Mama, on the other hand, redeemed the family glory. Yep, the kid won Best Mash-Up Pie for her S'mores Without Fire pie. And yes, she's serious about now wanting to open a [Read more...]

There and Back Again

How can you miss me when I didn't even tell you I was leaving town? (Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I've been spending all of my blogging time with the new love and ignoring this old love. I know I don't deserve you, but...) Yes, the kids and I headed out to the Oregon Coast on Tuesday. Yes, the same Tuesday the daily dubbed 'Augvember.' Yep, it was cold. It was rainy. It was incredibly windy. And off we went to the beach nonetheless! What did we do on the rainy days? We did some tourist-y stuff. Bought (but never did break out) board games and a deck of cards. Spent way too much time feeding dollars into various video arcades. Spent way too much money on [Read more...]

Best. Letter. Ever.

Drama Mama is at camp. But this isn't just any camp - it's sleepaway camp, for a whole week! She was totally excited when I left on Sunday - she'd scored a top bunk! Someone in her cabin had brought a dog in for a bit to say goodbye! She just knew she was going to have a great time! But I remembered my first time at sleepaway camp. Thought I would do great. And then didn't so much. (Long story, won't bore you, etc. etc. etc.) I shouldn't even have worried about this one, though. Here's the first letter I received from her yesterday: 8/10/08 Dear, Mom It was a Fantastic Day; Really had fun! I love it here! It was a good choice sending me here! Love, (Drama [Read more...]