Sorry, I know it's a reach, but here are a few scraps from the blogging basement: Favorite iPhone app by far: Pandora. Which gives me streaming radio in the car, thanks to my iPod-friendly car stereo. Emails I've been able to send from the iPhone mere blocks away to my office: 1. 'sorry, was right outside, but now need to head back home 'cause kid's barfing and needs 7Up and saltines'; 2. 'sure, move my meeting in the big conference room back a half hour', and 3. 'whoa, can't be at that meeting at this time, sorry'. I look so on top of things! (save for the urping kid, that is...) Confidential to the flagger on inner SE Division I'm passing every morning - when are we [Read more...]

She wants the works

She wants the whole works... Indulge me while I show off Drama Mama's solo (video) from yesterday's performance of Willy Wonka. (Note that the audio & video aren't in perfect synch here...) Or read the review by another biased observer here. Yep, the child's certainly lives up to her billing!

A tale of three vendors

I now have an iPhone! Yes, I love it just as much as I expected I would. Yes, it was quite the experience to land one on the first day. But the real story? Customer service wins out in the end. Consider this tale of three vendors: Sprint: Every encounter with them that I've had over the last two weeks has been painful, full of glitches, and unbelievably unprofessional. In fact, I'd say that almost every customer service interaction over the last few years has been an ugly one - from the emails that force me to download an attachment to figure out what they're trying to tell me to web functions that won't work as promised to charges that mysteriously reappear on my bill [Read more...]