Getting my mojo back

I didn't realize what a total blogging rut I'd fallen into - until I built the new site, that is. The reaction from the larger Portland blogging community to OurPDX has been fantastic, my fellow authors are similarly jazzed about the whole thing, and it's taken off - in less than a week, no less - in ways far beyond my expectations. I may joke about the fact that I'm famous on the internet for not being able to burp, or that most of my traffic here lately is in search of a decent mojito recipe. But it's great to be reminded that blogging can be - should be - more than that. I'm hoping that same kind of enthusiasm and passion spills over into what I'm doing over here. [Read more...]

The role she was born to play?

Drama Mama's doing musical theatre camp again this year. The play this year? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Guess which part DM *really really really really* wanted? Guess which part she spent hours rehearsing for the night before her audition - right down to learning the character's solo cold in one evening (which she wanted to use for her audition song - wasn't allowed, though)? Well, if you've ever met my child (and even if you haven't), you probably already know the answer to this rhetorical question. Thankfully, her efforts paid off (as I discovered via an ecstatic phone call three seconds after camp ended today, heh...) Introducing my daughter: Veruca Salt. The [Read more...]

Bringing up Baby

No, not mine. (That store is closed, closed, closed...!) I have yet another endeavor under way. This one gestated for a mere four days from conception to an accidental premature birth last Wednesday; I've had it in the NICU for the last four days and have been coding, tweaking, editing and obsessing all weekend long. But the baby officially comes home early tomorrow morning: Our PDX Networks. Please don't tell me it looks like Winston Churchill. I want to believe this newest baby is the prettiest one of all...!

The never-ending revolving door

I'm one of the lucky ones. I have fairly decent health insurance. Reasonable co-pays. Dental coverage, mental health coverage, and a network of good doctors to choose from. Apparently, my family feels compelled to make full use of this medical cornucopia of benefits. Or it's my job to keep the local doctors in the area gainfully employed. Or my weekly calendar isn't complete unless I have at least one scheduled appointment and one extra-special emergency appointment crammed in there. Or I'm raising a family of hypochondriacs. Or something. I've been in our primary care physician's office five times in the last two months. Add in one psychiatrist, one social worker, [Read more...]

It’s gone

What did you do a year ago tonight? I walked a parade route with my daughter pulling up huge clots of duct tape as part of the Portland Mercury's Civic Cleanup Crew. Why? Because for years and years and years, some people thought the way you saved a spot to watch a parade was by marking off your spot with duct tape or spray paint days and days in advance. That got you the right to show up at 9:45 and chase out the people who'd tried in vain to show up early that morning to find a spot to watch the parade, you see. More often than not, it also got you the right to leave your tape and spray paint - not to mention lawn chairs, garbage, and other remainders - behind in your [Read more...]