Unwiring…or is that de-wiring?

You can count on me to find the metaphor in the mundane. Sure, it's often tortured. Stretched and/or mangled beyond belief. But I don't seem to stray very far from the 'every story must have a deeper, more profound meaning' vein these days. I've spent this evening de-cluttering my office area. A slimmer, more responsive keyboard with a USB port. A wireless mouse that fits perfectly in an ergonomic spot. And the big splurge - wireless headphones, so I can listen to music in the early morning while the kids are sleeping & still walk into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee without missing a beat. As a result, there's a big box of wires and bulky gadgets that will [Read more...]

A matter of perspective

Today has been a bad day. I'm still recovering from yet another sinus infection that I'm not rebounding from as fast as I'd like, despite the antibiotics and plenty of sleep. I have a headache that hasn't stopped since Wednesday. Plus, my three-day kid-free weekend got interrupted by the premature return of both kids mid-day Sunday. Today's not been so much fun for my ten year old daughter, either. Her birthday celebration with her dad yesterday got rudely interrupted by his unscheduled trip to the emergency room. She didn't get her Big Present, didn't have the big fuss she was looking forward to, and didn't get to spend three days' worth of time with her dad. I know [Read more...]

Please wish Drama Mama

...a Happy Birthday, will you? But not in the comments here. Instead, you can head over to her blog and leave your good wishes. Yes, she seems to be quite the vicious carnivore. But I promise you that she won't eat you. Her brother is the only one she wants to take a chomp out of lately...

Kid Fire Drill – 2.0 style

You might notice the comment in the sidebar on my latest post. At first glance, it makes no sense, really. But you can figure it out once I tell you it's from my young daughter- right? I NEED MY SPEECH!! :( Why is it on my blog, you wonder? See - she arrived at school, only to freak out when she discovered she'd left the speech she'd worked so hard on at home this morning. She went to the substitute teacher, who was unable to find my cell phone on her regular teacher's computer. So Drama Mama promptly moved into Plan B mode: She logged into her Gmail account and sent me a message to my personal mail account She left a comment on my blog, which also fired off an [Read more...]