If I were wiser…

...I'd give up on things sooner. Call the game on account of darkness. Throw in the towel, hang up the phone, walk away without a single backwards glance. I've never regretted turning the guy who persistently said 'ain't down for Date Number Three, for example - but I'll never get back the wasted months spent with the guy who wasn't exactly separated from the mother of his children after all. Unfortunately, since I am definitely Old and Decrepit, I have wasted months galore to reflect on. The job that wasn't all that after all. The friendship that took far more than it ever gave. The 'easy-peasy' volunteer opportunity that sucked my soul dry. The tears I hold back [Read more...]

Should have stopped while I was ahead…

Yesterday, I... Claimed $109 dollar refund 'cause health insurance company had erroneously refused coverage on prescription but were, uh, made to see the error of their ways after a phone call Friday afternoon. Deposited expense check of $106 dollars I'd totally forgotten about. Returned The Mogul's now-unneeded replacement phone charger (purchased the day before the phone met a watery demise.) Money back to me? $15. I also read this, so know I've got some extra cash coming Very Soon Now. So I decided to splurge on a new car stereo that will work and play nicely with my current iPod Touch, plus handle the 3G iPhone I'm determined to buy in the near future. Got it [Read more...]


I have plenty to say. I'm just not allowed to say it. The great story - complete with priceless verbatim quotes - about my daughter's indignation about being labeled as a Republican (a fate she considers worse than death, apparently) by the rumor mill in her fourth grade class ("clearly, whoever is saying this is NOT my friend and does NOT have all the facts") is not bloggable, according to Drama Mama. (Ssshhh...don't give me up, please!) The fact that my son's iPod is currently residing in a sealed Ziploc bag of uncooked rice on top of a gently humming lukewarm space heater? Sorry, I've been told I can't talk much about that, either. (Although I'm, um, betting he will [Read more...]

The Cliff Notes version of my life in Twitter

I spend too much time talking to this guy (yep, the same guy who pooh-poohed Twitter back in the day, yet is now indiscriminately showing up in TweetClouds all over PDX), seem to want much, bore people with kid stories, typify that old Twitter cliche of sharing mundanities like what i had for dinner, and overuse vague generalities like 'stuff', 'things' and 'ugh'. Oh, and I appear to have 'think', 'thinking' and 'thought' in the right order. To my credit: 'farmers' (as in market) shows up more often than 'bourbon' does, while 'work' clocks in with almost double the number of entries than 'wine' does, thank goodness (else the guy linked above would give me major grief.) See [Read more...]

If I die tomorrow, blogging didn’t kill me

OK? I want to go on the record now that if I die tomorrow, I am not the 'third time's a charm' victim of this ripped from the headlines melodrama. I did it to myself. I didn't get my yearly physical. Didn't learn to push myself away from the computer and take a walk around the block (and seriously, I could definitely benefit from several zillion walks around the block.) I drank too much alcohol (or not enough, according to some doctors.) Didn't drink enough water. Ate too much of the wrong kinds of foods, didn't eat enough of the right kinds. Didn't learn to Just Say No to self-induced stress. Believed that I was omnipotent, despite all the obvious signs that I was [Read more...]