I iz a profeshional blogger

At least, that's what I just put down on my federal tax return! Although the IRS has to assume that I'm not a very good business person at first glance. See, when you get a 1099 that says you made money blogging and you haven't paid any estimated taxes on the income, well - you pull in all kinds of expenses to make it look like you didn't really make that much money after all. So that new monitor I got last year? Business expense. My Comcastic cable internet connectivity? Business expense. GoDaddy charges, Media Temple charges, ISP charges? Expense, expense, expense. But I did draw the line somewhere, though. The new iPod Touch? Not a business expense. But by the [Read more...]

The what has risen…???

Q: How do my half-Jewish children (otherwise known as Cashews) celebrate Easter? A: They eat bacon for breakfast, fight over the hard-boiled eggs DM lovingly colored at a friend's house yesterday, and plan to buy half-priced Easter candy with their allowances tomorrow, that's how! Oh, and - I'm quite sure we'll have the traditional 'exploding peeps in the microwave' event as well in the days to come.

The long and winding road

"Mom, I think there's something wrong with my brain." When your nine year old daughter says this to you with tear-filled eyes and a hitch in her voice, well - you stop the now-daily dance of frustration to the annoyed tune of 'can we just get out of the house before we're all late again and just get in the car ALREADY?' You stop. And you listen. You learn that your kid - the one who can't seem to remember to bring home her homework, the kid who can't stop humming, can't stop talking, can't manage to find anything, always gets distracted by the shiny pebbles in the side of the road - well, she thinks that means she's bad. Or stupid. Or has something wrong with her [Read more...]

Dear Boss: I was late to work today…

...because I had to watch our next President make one of those speeches my grandchildren will be learning all about in history classes 40 years from now. And yes, even though there's YouTube and instant transcripts and TiVo, well - I had to watch it live. You understand, right? Thanks.


Where have I been lately? Digging out from under a pile of Kleenex, that's where. It started with The Mogul. First, the 5-hour visit to "urgent care". Diagnosis? Sinus infection (yeah, we knew it going in.) So the kid started a fairly aggressive dose of antibiotics - only to still complain of a sore throat and general yuckiness days later. So we managed to score a same-day doctor's appointment, only to hear this: allergies. Keep taking the antibiotics, and resume taking the Claritin he'd been skipping on lately. Next day, it was Drama Mama's turn. She's had a constant runny nose for a while now, but someone turned the faucet up a few notches recently. So she'd been [Read more...]