I’m fine. No, really – I’m FIIIINE

It's been a week. Yes, I know - it's always one of those weeks lately around these parts. I'd looked ahead last Saturday at the chock-full calendar full of doctor's appointments and evening meetings and and and this week - so prepped like mad last weekend (dishes/shopping/laundry/meal prep, etc.) to make sure we stayed at least partially ahead of the game. And despite the curve that was The Mogul's case of the flu on Tuesday and the swerve that was my own case of the crud starting on Wednesday (knocking out not one, but two evening meetings in its wake) and the zig-zag that was not one, but TWO doctor's appointments for Drama Mama this week (both requiring an early [Read more...]

How do I love thee, IPod Touch?

Sure, I may have had a brief touch of buyer's remorse after I finally shelled out the cold hard cash to buy my latest digital desire. I got over it. Having access to my calendar and contacts at a moment's notice has made my life so much simpler. Being able to listen to podcasts or commercial-free music in the car (albeit slightly static-y at times) makes me happy. And I can now offer digital proof that I actually have children to those who've long doubted their existence, since I "never have pictures...!" But the part I love the most about my Touch? The wifi/web browsing - a feature I seriously doubted I'd ever use much. See, before, I'd walk in the door, pull out [Read more...]

Love is…

...planning to make the kids scrambled eggs for breakfast, discovering that you only had two left, and taking the extra time to make homemade chocolate chip pancakes instead. ...making your huge honking vat of crockpot chili for the office potluck vegan chili, so that everyone can have some. ...getting homemade valentines from the kid who still lights up every time you walk into the room to pick her up from aftercare. ...hearing a sincere, non-snarky 'thanks, Mom!' from the teenager who normally has snark and sarcasm to spare. ...getting surprised by valentine wishes of the amorous sort when you neither expect nor deserve same. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. Here's hoping [Read more...]

Remember me?

To my kids, I'm that woman who waltzes in after 9 pm, but has the good grace to make sure there's plenty of food in the house. To the stacks and stacks of dirty dishes on the counter, I'm the one that can't manage to get them dealt with already. To the people leaving me messages on my home phone, well - I'm the person not calling you back. For days. Sorry...! See, four months ago, it was no big deal to make Wednesday night the night I brought pizzas for the high school youth group. Three months ago, I could deal with the fact that the annual conference for the non-profit I work with landed on Saturday. Two months ago, it started looking a little tight when I [Read more...]