“You are NOT doing your job!”

My daughter Drama Mama has been going through a rough time lately. Of course, her dad and I are working together to get her the support she needs - including the therapist she enthusiastically requested once I explained the concept of a 'thinking doctor' to her. So far, DM loves visiting her - and we're all now looking at a variety of options for my impulsive, disorganized, mercurial child. But one program the therapist asked us to put in place when we met with her last was to make my daughter responsible for herself in the morning. Instead of me lecturing and hectoring and cajoling and/or nudging her into getting out of the house on time, well - she gets to write out a [Read more...]

Everyone’s stolen my sleep

Everyone else I know has some kind of bug that has them sleeping for hours and hours and hours. They get up briefly, eat some, read some, write some - and then crawl back into bed, to consume movies, football, books. Inevitably, they fall asleep for another few hours. They're sleeping most of the day and night, it seems. While I don't much want the assorted aches, pains, fevers and headaches I've heard about, well - I want my sleep back, please! See, I believe these sick people have stolen it from me. Why else would I be waking up at 1 am. Falling back asleep at 3 am. Waking for the day at 5:30 am. (And this after a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner, no less...) When I [Read more...]

I am the Claus Killer

Drama Mama - like her brother before her - has an uncanny habit of asking those tricky questions while we're driving somewhere. On one hand, it's easier - she can't see my less than poker face, so I'm able to stall and scramble until I come up with a palatable answer. On the other hand, I can't see her face. Can't hold her hand, or see how she's reacting to my words. But, while I'd rather not have to deal with the ambush while driving, well - I try to be fairly straightforward yet kind with both kids. So when DM asked me a few months ago if the Tooth Fairy was real, I hemmed, hawed - and decided to buy a little time, flipping the question back at her: "do you think [Read more...]

Maybe the turkey tetrazzini wasn’t half-bad…

My mother is a horrible, horrible cook. She would be wounded beyond belief if she were to read this, of course - but her inability to put together an edible meal has turned into well-known family lore. (My ex used to think that my sister and I were way too hard on her - until he was forced to endure meals that had us all scrambling for heartburn relief afterwards.) Do we tell her that she's a horrible cook? Of course not - instead, when we head back to Michigan to visit these days, we all scramble to 'give her a break' by either ordering pizza, taking her out for dinner, taking over in the kitchen ourselves - you name it, we throw all kinds of diversionary tactics out [Read more...]