SayNoToMo – how’s that supposed to go, again?

Two days ago, I threw down a challenge: For the month of November, I'd follow the beat of my own Say No to More drum (instead of jumping on the NaNoWriMo and/or NaBloPoMo bandwagons, that is...) I also thought I'd practice a time or two in October - call it a warm up, if you will. How's it going? Ummm....well - I did make a tough decision this morning to bail out on a long-planned trip at the end of November that would have been wonderful - but also promised to further complicate my life on several fronts. Hooray for me - right? Those cheers would have been appropriate for, oh, three hours. That's when I agreed to swap shabbat school teaching quarters with a fellow [Read more...]

My latest project: SayNoToMo

It's a kid-free weekend. I'm washing dishes while the homemade mini-muffins (destined for quick to-go breakfasts next week) bake. I'm also writing blog posts in my head, adding to-do's to the always-running mental to-do list, and thinking about changes I still need to make to the seventh (or is that eighth?) website I just birthed earlier this week (I opened my mouth at yet another evening meeting to volunteer to create and host a site and discussion forum for my daughter's school, and cranked something out in less than 36 hours, no less...) Yep, it's just another day at Short Attention Span Central, it is... And while my brain's busy chattering along, it introduced yet [Read more...]

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Ladies and gentleman, I'm happy to announce that Drama Mama is back among us - as a blogger, that is. But she went hardcore this time around - she dumped all of her old content, insisted on a new name, and asserted creative control over the look and feel. She even requested her own special placement on a different domain. Check it out: The Big Life of a Little Kid.

Why I love the internet, part 8765

When you want to make bread, why - you just so happen to stumble on a great post about someone else's bread baking experience - and there's a link to a kickass recipe, no less! (Since I am a muxer, I didn't use swiss cheese and did use a multigrain flour mix and and and...)I now have a whole crowd of non-burping people forming a community in the comments to this post (thanks in part to this Google search result page) - and they're printing out the whole thing as proof to their doctors that they are not alone and/or crazy and/or imagining things!...and finally...I get to benefit from the wisdom of a bunch of smart, caring people who've jumped in to respond to this post about Drama [Read more...]

Focus? What’s that…?

This morning's internal debate: Do I suffer from a terminal inability to settle down and complete one single task from start to finish - or am I just a multi-tasker extraordinaire who loves to pile on the tasks? You be the judge. I sat down at the computer this morning to check email, drop in on a couple of blogfeeds, and contemplate my day. It's a cold, rainy morning here in Portland - the perfect time to attack some projects on the to-do list, pop something in the crockpot for dinner, and settle down in my ratty old t-shirt and slippers for some much needed nesting. Or so went the mental dialogue I was having with myself in my head, that is... But, wait! [Read more...]