A pinch of that…

I have always been the type of cook that can't help but improvise, even when I'm making a recipe for the first time. After years and years and years of cooking, I just can't help myself - I know that pork dish will be improved by some fresh sage, for example, or that super-fudgy chocolate brownies should have just a hint of pepper ground in to offset the sweetness a bit. Sometimes, improvising backfires, though - especially when you don't record the variation that made the dish something special. And of course, the misfires are better forgotten. But last night, I was firing on all cylinders - and flying without a net, no less. I didn't even crack a cookbook to come up [Read more...]

What does your Costco receipt say about you?

PAgent thinks guy in front of him at Costco must be living the good life (I'd agree.) But what does my Costco cart tell you about my family? Let's see... Four pairs of Kirkland jeansSix pairs of mens socksHamburger and brisket and sausages and four different kinds of sliced deli meats and two different kinds of deli cheesesSix cartons of chicken brothCanned soup and refried beansTwo cartons of shrimp and vegetable ramen in a cupA ginormous bag of Hermiston onionsThe ubiquitous rotisserie chickenAn industrial sized bottle of Kirkland-brand Aleve If you guessed a) that I live in a house with a teenaged boy going through a growth spurt (yes, I'd just bought four pairs of [Read more...]

Where am I?

A glance at the whiteboard on the refrigerator tells part of the tale: Mom: Tuesday - meeting Wednesday - meeting Thursday - meeting Friday - dinner meeting Saturday - knitting class (during my kid-free weekend, no less) Sunday - sukkah gathering Next week? Next verse, more of the first: Meetings Tuesday-Thursday evenings. WFH Tuesday am to meet the furnace cleaner. The to-do list? Filled with things like taking excess books to high school for book sale, picking up email moderation duties for PTA list at daughter's school, updating three blogs to WP 2.3.0, paying bills, ordering plane tickets for a trip in November/December, writing/coding/sending out electronic [Read more...]

I only have myself to blame

The Mogul's high school sends out regular email bulletins chock full of the week's schedule, information about extracurricular activities, parent meetings, and the like. Today's email contained this reminder: Want to earn a letter for arguing? Join Speech & Debate, info meeting Tuesday in Rm XX afterschool. Without thinking, I flipped it over to TM. Thirty seconds later, I hit myself repeatedly on the forehead - did I really need to help my child (the future lawyer) further develop his arguing abilities? He's already got super duper strong arguing abilities! Too late. Not only had the kid already been informed, but it's on his calendar. I'm quite sure he'll be [Read more...]

It’s a wonder we’re still alive

I guess we're not big salad dressing consumers here... The backup salad dressing bottles in the pantry? They'd expired earlier this year, as my son pointed out to me yesterday while looking for a bottle of Italian dressing. Which means that the ones in the refrigerator... hmmm.... expired in 2005. Or 2004, in one case. Needless to say, the Big Salad Dressing Purge occurred yesterday. Maybe I should reexamine my backup condiment stocking routine, eh?