Crispy crunchy…

...and fried to the bone. That's where I'm at, people. I'm that piece of over-fried chicken where the meat's been welded onto the bone in one petrified, inedible mass. I also have a three-day kid-free weekend ahead. And it occurred to me a few days ago that I could actually go somewhere if I wanted to. (Since I'm burning vacation time in other ways, I really need to take every available moment if I ever want a real break...) Ever try to find a place to stay on the gorgeous Oregon coast for Labor Day weekend at the last minute? Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. I should stay here and save the money. Use the time to get set up for the school year. Or plow through [Read more...]


I spent the evening flirting with Pandora. I think I like Pandora. But I'm already going out with Last.FM, aren't I? Yes, I am. And it's a committed relationship - I've coughed up cash and everything. Still, we never said we were an exclusive item, did we? I still listen to the radio, still listen to my iTunes library. But why do I feel like I'm cheating 'cause I spent the night with Pandora?

Sleep, interrupted

Today didn't start out very well. See, today was the day that I needed to roust The Mogul out of bed at the ungodly! hour! of! 7! aye! em! in order to get him over to his new high school to get his schedule changed (somehow, we suspect that putting a freshman - no matter how mathematically gifted he might be - in AP Calculus II is asking for trouble. Plus, one foreign language class is enough, don't you think? Yeah, me too...) Why is that a problem, you wonder? The Mogul is a night owl, and has problems getting and staying asleep. Since I am a lazy parent and he's been at loose ends, I have let him set his own schedule lately. So he hadn't seen 7 am in months, and [Read more...]

Hell hath no fury….

...than a teenager threatened with loss of his allowance. Thankfully, said teen managed to channel his anger in a most appropriate way: by proving to me that he did so deserve said allowance by going on a marathon housecleaning session. A session that continued into the night; well after I went to bed myself. The next morning, I found several bags of garbage ready to go out (should some of it have been recycled? Yeah, but...). I found stacks of clothing that no longer fit him ready to take to the resale shop. I saw floor space where the dead computer components had been (they were moved to the basement temporarily so we could cart them out this weekend.) And I [Read more...]

Five questions…

I was foolish enough brave enough to volunteer to be interviewed by the lovely Cami in response to this post of hers. And since it's a Monday and I'm a sucker for doing anything but the work that's sitting right here in front of my face, well - I had to get this done right away! Feel free to read it through - and if you're game? I could interview you next! How do you do it all? I really do mean that because umm… I am often stunned that between your kids, your job, all the places you write and ALL the other stuff you seem to remain pretty collected… So how? Wow, do I have you fooled! If I were to give you a tour of my house right now- the card table that's become [Read more...]