Twitter Flotsam

laid down to take power nap at 5 pm. Woke up 5 1/2 hours later. Want dinner, don't want to cook dinner. # @pagent: yeah, but it's going to make the 6:30 am wakeup call brutally painful # is it morning? mid-afternoon? dinnertime? funny how one day of odd sleep disruptions changes your whole universe... # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Monday SAS: The “I hate people” day

It's time to resuscitate a long-dormant weekly feature - the 'short and sassy and/or snarky but almost never sweet' comments that make up a typical Monday for me. So without further ado: To the woman in front of me at the bank: I agonized about whether or not I should tell you your shirt was on inside-out while we waited for 10 minutes in line. But when you waited until you got to the teller to a) ask for a deposit slip (what, the stack a foot away from your hip on the table with the big 'please have your paperwork completed before you approach the window' sign on it wasn't close enough?) and b) proceed to laboriously fill it out, clearly taking the time to use your [Read more...]

Twitter Flotsam

heading to a pig roast shortly. mmm...pig.... # @seanbonner: I'm with you 100% re. Pownce/Twitter. Too much work to deal with Pownce... # contemplating panzanella for dinner, with tomatoes from the farmer's market and a loaf of olive ciabatta # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Where am I, anyway?

I'm obviously not here - so I must be doing something exciting and life-changing and/or fulfilling, right? Wrong. Instead, I've been two-timing on you. Pouring some energy into One Fish, Two Kids instead (look for an announcement in the next month or so as to just why it's getting all the love lately.) Or I'm dealing with emergencies, whether fleeting (DM's five minute 'running away from home' escapade) or petrifyingly-scary (the kid's now safe and sound, though.) Or I'm gleefully packing so my kids can go camping for ten days - and I don't have to go myself, hooray! Or I'm offline enjoying some much-needed quiet time after the crazy nutty month that July morphed [Read more...]