Flotsam: 2007-06-30

from the living room: "mama, can we get wifi for the car? that would be *awesome*!" # trying to figure out when my kid would have been in london - more importantly, did he steer clear of the chaos? # i can't find our forks: http://www.onefishtwokids.com/?p=22 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

I’m getting restless..

It's a gorgeous night here in Portland. I should be sitting peacefully on the front porch, sipping something cool and frosty. But instead, I'm getting ready to ferry a small child back home to his house (DM and her friend have been doing DS battles all afternoon.) Will it be porch time after that? Uh, no. See, I feel a blog redesign coming on. So if you can't get here later, well - I've broken something. Or am tinkering around behind the scenes. Stay tuned for a lighter, more streamlined version...hopefully fueled by mojito!

Flotsam: 2007-06-28

true or false: i have a pile of dirty dishes soaking in the *bathtub*... # @ahockley: i'm drinking a glass of wine from the bottle I just bought. Confirmation enough? # watching KATU webcast so I can see the Blazer draft pick... # Powered by Twitter Tools.

It’s now Ladies’ Night, every night…

To say that Drama Mama has been breathlessly waiting for her brother's departure is, perhaps, a slight understatement. On the other hand, we didn't quite have fireworks and brass bands and cartwheels when she confirmed that he'd *forsure* left the state, and his arrival in California *had definitely* been verified. But we did have cheering and leaping and jumping for joy. And it was all I could do to keep her from putting her marching band CD on at full volume. (MarchFirst, for those of you in PDX. Yes, she is a huge fan...!) See, there is currently no love lost between my two children. None whatsoever. She is: annoying, full of herself, spoiled, an [Read more...]