Flotsam: 2007-05-31

@pagent: i thought that *was* the intent...! # forgetting to pack lunch means foraging the office freezer for corndogs, ugh # to my colleagues: last two corndogs are now history, you have been warned! # @ahockley: come over to my office; you'll hear them all day long... # Twitterific seems to be doing some selective editing/deleting - there's a whole new clump of tweets from my peeps when I look at the site # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Frisking and mowing and groaning and bitching

How's that for a title? See, I'm rolling up some leftover conversational snippets and/or pointing to some other rantings, only I'm tired tired ti-RED of the header "blah blah flotsam." Even though now it's just really flotsam with a fancy-schmancy name. But now that I've put the lipstick on the proverbial pig, it's time to shamelessly forage ahead... I continue to examine my daughter's schoolbag daily, in search of sharp objects, inciendiary devices, and/or contraband items. Today's score? The candy and money she'd tried to smuggle in the bottom of the little box with the false bottom. No, I wasn't deterred by her pitiful pleas of "don't look under there", nor was [Read more...]

Flotsam: 2007-05-30

explaining to client why they really *don't* want to include huge honking files and/or tons of photos in their email marketing newsletter # do i really want to leave air conditioned office? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Flotsam: 2007-05-29

alaskan chinook salmon slab marinating; getting ready to inaugurate grill for the summer # kids came back full from dad's house; salmon will stay marinating until tomorrow... # incoming mail's down at work. who knows what joys await me...? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Flotsam: 2007-05-27

trying to figure out what to do with fresh oregon strawberries. may just have to eat them as-is... # new wifi network extends to bedroom. this could be a bad thing # supposed to be heading to a barbecue. don't want to leave the house. i suck. # Powered by Twitter Tools.