Twitter Updates for 2007-04-30

looong crazy weekend spending too much money on worthwhile causes. But it could have been worse - could have coughed up *and* volunteered! # it's always three times as hard to wake up on a Monday morning for me... # dropped & broke travel mug full of cold brewed iced coffee. came in to client emergency, scheduled emergency eye appt for yours truly # just spilled full cup of coffee. had to make more; managed to create even bigger mess # now that the eye doctor wants to see me immediately, my eye is twitching and throbbing nonstop. power of suggestion is an amazing thing... # turning computer off. head hurts. don't know when it'll go back on... # Powered by [Read more...]

This just in – I am officially old and decrepit

I finagled my way into an appointment with my eye doctor's office today - words like 'double vision' and 'horrific headaches' and 'everything gets sporadically blurry' apparently gets you on the 'must see now!' list. The guy I saw (not my usual doctor) was a tad on the condescending side (yes, I know that blurred vision is a side effect of alcohol consumption. No, I've never had problems seeing double after a single glass of wine hours before driving. Yep, I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered it - my advanced age notwithstanding...) Nevertheless, he put me through my paces with the interminable vision tests that left me with a truly nasty headache, and came back with [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-29

brrr...really don't want to have to turn the heat on, but it's chilly in here! # breakfast (apple puff pancakes), costco, errands, yardwork. now making pizza for kids & then leaving it for them so i can head to auction 2 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

The fund-raising train rolls on…

I've been an auction-goer lately - Friday night, my daughter's school (known as the coolest elementary school in Portland) did their Art Rocks! auction. My job? To bid for stuff that I had no real intention of buying, just so I could help float the boat. How'd that work out? Weeeeellll...let's just say we had a really close call when I almost won the class project - at 400 dollars, no less. I was feeling bad 'cause our class project was near the end of the auction & wasn't commanding the same attention since a lot of folks had left already, so started bidding to get the ball rolling. (Note to self: inanimate objects don't have feelings; you don't need to assume [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-28

spent too much money at school auction last night. but it was for a good cause, right? # @pagent: and what time should I be by for dinner, hmmm? # since PAgent didn't invite me for dinner, will settle for overpriced seafood using my handy-dandy gift certificate to Chart House... # Powered by Twitter Tools.