So. Not. Fair.

When I said I wanted to push away from the computer in order to clear my head a bit, I didn't expect the universe to help enforce that stance by gifting me with the latest version of the crud that's going around. How bad is this version? I'm on round the clock doses of the illegal-in-Oregon Sudafed 24-hour stuff - and I'm still coughing, hacking, and sneezing. My head feels like a 25 pound bowling ball balancing on a tulip stalk; I'm heading to bed right after I finish this post. But I should have expected it: I'd already made plans to take tomorrow off to spend one day with the kids while they're on spring break, andI'm scheduled to leave next Monday on a three-day [Read more...]

Step *away* from the computer….

I've read three books in the last few days. Sure, they were pop fiction mind candy books - but they did their job of getting me away from the computer while escaping reality (and my permanently disheveled house) for a few hours. I've spent time with the kids (note to self: taking both children out for a relaxing dinner is just no longer an option. See, they're in the throes of constant sibling squabbles; relaxation's just not on the menu...) Spent time setting Drama Mama up with twenty dollars worth of art supplies for a project that caught her fancy and/or getting her costume ready for the third grade musical the first week of April. Watched Scrubs reruns with The Mogul [Read more...]

Walking cliches, we are…

The Mogul is on thin ice with me right now. Why? He blew past our shared cellphone minutes in record time, ringing up extra charges to the tune of 93 bucks. Everyone who ever heard the story of the girlfriend in California is now joining the never-ending chorus of "I TOLD you SO!" Even though the girlfriend is on a majorly reduced phone diet thanks to her own excessive use. And I'm cranky as all get out - not only about the overuse, but the fact that it took me 55 minutes and several phone transfers, dropped connections, and/or less than clued in reps to get the erroneous charges piled on top of the legitimate overuse off the bill. Why is it that calling the phone [Read more...]

I’ve come undone

This week, I've been incredibly frustrated when I find out that people who promised they'd do things, or volunteered to handle something - well, nothing ever materialized from the promise or the commitment. But I can't do anything but grit my teeth and fume silently. Why? Well, you see - this week, I also made all kinds of commitments myself. Signed myself up for all kinds of things. "Sure, I can kick that out for you by tomorrow!", I'd chirp. And then I'd get inundated with other emergencies -work-related, family stuff, commitments I hadn't realized were on the calendar. And, well - those assignments I willingly signed myself up for just didn't get done, either. [Read more...]