Our non-toxic life

Earlier, I lamented about one of DM's friendships, speculating that her best friend was the one responsible for the disappearance of certain items from my daughter's locker. At the time, I said this: I hate the fact that I’m so judgmental and snobby here - but sometimes, you just know what’s going on. Especially when you understand and empathize with the root causes: DM’s best friend is the New Girl. She wants to be liked; wants to fit in. She wants to impress my kid. And - like any eight year old (including my own, who is no angel) - morals and ethics haven’t quite taken firm root yet. But without firm proof - well, I bite my lip & hold my tongue, even while I reinforce [Read more...]

4 things that are true

Hello insomnia, my old friend. I'd love to miss you - but how can I miss you when you won't go away? I have no problem falling asleep - it's the whole 'staying asleep' bit that has me stumped. And yep, I've tried a variety of approaches - melatonin; restricting caffeine, sugar, and/or alcohol; OTC sleep aids (which work - but I really don't think a nightly dose of Simply Sleep is a wise idea); redoing the whole feng shui in the bedroom, etc. etc. etc. I don't think it's an apnea thing, or anything else physical. I don't think it's situational stress. But there's clearly something going on that's beyond my ability to deal with. Sigh. Time to bite the bullet, get [Read more...]

Who else loves me this week?

The IRS - that's who. Filed my tax return on February 5th. Got notified that my return was accepted. Got the state return auto-deposited in my bank account on 2/13. Looked up my federal return status on the IRS website with trepidation last week (after events of recent years, let's just say I wasn't holding my breath.) But what's this? This link told me that everything was normal, and I should expect my refund by 2/20. And then they underpromised *and* overdelivered - it arrived earlier today, woo-hoo! Yep, I know I should adjust my withholding to keep more of my money throughout the year. And yes, I've already filed the necessary paperwork with my employer. [Read more...]

Trooo Luv

As usual, Drama Mama has her homemade Valentines totally finished; she's already got them delivered to her classroom. She's picked out her special outfit, but - after blasting through several boyfriends in the last year or so - is quite content to have a boyfriend-free day. The Mogul? Nope, he's not making another batch of snarky homemade Valentines to sell this year. You see, much of his free time (and my disposable income) has been occupied lately - as I discovered a few weeks ago when I discovered that the kid with the text messaging plan allowing him 1000 messages per month had blasted past that number during the December billing cycle with 1500 text messages. What's [Read more...]

Picking nits

The good news? I am apparently lice-free (this from a True Authority - the school nurse at Drama Mama's school.) The even better news? After fifteen loads of laundry, two hair washing sessions (one with heavy chemicals) and three extensive nit-searching sessions - not to mention her high fashion dining out excursion with The Father where her hair was coated with olive oil and tied underneath a bandana, well - Drama Mama also passed the lice inspection and was allowed back in school today. But after a brief conversation with her teacher, well - i wasn't quite ready to break out the champagne yet. It turns out that, as I'd suspected, DM's locker mate was the source of [Read more...]