The ‘particularly vicious blogger’ in the Trib today?

(Update: As Nick Budnick correctly points out in my comments below, the piece in the Trib was actually an excerpt from the book itself, and not a companion sidebar written by Budnick. So he's not the one who labeled me 'particularly vicious - that'd be Rene Denfield herself. Nick, I apologize for the error and misattribution - thanks for being so gracious when you pointed it out.) Uh, that would be me. Nick Budnick Rene Denfield had this to say after excerpting two sentences from a long blog post I wrote in 2004 about Jessica Kate Williams in an excerpt from her book in today's Portland Tribune: In the weeks after the murder, a remarkable number of people blamed [Read more...]

No rest for the weary…

Where've I been? Tearing my hair out, that's where. Last week's snowstorm just pushed a chaotic schedule back a week, stirred it around with the stuff already on this week's calendar, and spat back a huge mess for me to deal with. So I got the oven fixed on Monday, catered a dinner for a monthly board meeting I'm part of on Tuesday night, picked up four jumbo pizzas and handled dinner and cleanup for 15 middle schoolers for The Mogul's shabbat school group on Wednesday night, finally got the U.S. Census Bureau off my back by completing their interview, and added three more weekly work meetings and a slew of extra-curricular meetings or appointments to my bulging [Read more...]

A shark is born…

She's patiently waiting at the video game store as her brother deliberates over just what he's going to buy after he trades in the stack of games in his hand. To kill time, she stands there behind the emo teen slaving away playing Guitar Hero. He tosses his stringy black hair out of his eyes from time to time, shifting his black-clad body in almost-time to the rhythm. Her eyes sparkle in tandem with the sequins on the brand-new mint green winter coat her mom just purchased on mega sale at Fred Meyer. The dimples you can sink a fingertip into flash into view, then stay there, fully engaged as she sports her usual mile-wide grin. The white fake fur trim on the hood frames [Read more...]

The thrill is gone

Hooray for snow days? I think not... See, I collaborate with clients based throughout the US and beyond. I just need an internet connection, a phone line, and a computer - once I have that, I'm good to go. So work never really gets called on account of snow; no one really cares that I'm wearing my slippers or a t-shirt with a huge coffee stain across the front - as long as I'm able to tap out a reply to their email, I can get the job done. I love being able to work from home - when I've got the place to myself, that is. But add in the housebound monsters that my children turn into after a few days of funky weather, and it's a recipe for disaster. Today's schedule [Read more...]

Mystery soup

When life gives one an unexpected snow day - well, I make soup. And on today's menu? Mystery soup. What's mystery soup, you wonder? The long and overly convoluted recipe goes something like this... Start enormous batch of pasta sauce for evening meeting in crockpot at o' dark thirty, before there's any hint of snowRealize that the snowstorm that's crippled the metropolitan Portland area - all three inches of it - means you aren't going to said evening meeting after all.Since your entire family has been dining on the remnants of the last batch of pasta sauce you made a few days ago, realize you can't sub even part of it in for dinner tonightGetting to a grocery store? [Read more...]