Work? What’s work again…?

Let's see. Five days off in a row. Then one 'snow day' (where I worked from home waiting for snow that never arrived after all.) Then a day in the office proper - but a day that also ended up with an all-staff (or the few, the proud, the out-of-vacation time staff, anyway) impromptu end-of-afternoon wine tasting. Now, I'm off for another four days in a row - I'm using my last remaining dregs of vacation time to take Monday off. But that's okay. I'm betting I'll make up for lost time on January 2nd, when everyone comes back to their offices (co-workers and clients) and things get crazy-busy again. But in the meantime, I'll sit back, revel in the last few days of down [Read more...]

Ring around the green beans

I've been cooking again lately - a no-muss seafood meal for Christmas Adam, an assist on the Christmas Eggs, a 'best ever' (according to The Mogul, who tried to take credit for the whole thing based on one minor ingredient suggestion, heh) bolognese sauce tonight, with an easy upside down cornmeal-berry cake to finish the meal off. But I did my contortionist cooking feat yesterday, for the shared Christmas dinner I have every year with my 'family by choice' friends. See, earlier this week, I requested (as usual) my cooking assignment. And while I've brought killer trifles and my go-to arugula salad that I can now make in my sleep and other culinary feats of daring before, [Read more...]

Breaking the chain

I used to be a sucker for holiday traditions. Sure, some were handed down - the hot chocolate in Santa Claus mugs tradition came from my mom. Others were created out of thin air, or to fit the circumstances. But over the years, the kids have solidified those first tentative creations into Must-Do-Rituals - even as I've become less and less interested and/or motivated to pull them out every single year. Now, my teenage son insists that we have to have Christmas Eggs on the last morning I'm with the kids before they leave to go with their dad for Christmas. This is the same teenage son who dragged out the menorah and led the lighting of Hanukkah candles this year - even [Read more...]

My fellow chef finally has an apron!

dingle dangle pom poms Originally uploaded by Lelonopo. Thanks to Lelo, Drama Mama finally feels equipped to help me cook in the kitchen. Yep, she even hand-delivered a pink-wrapped parcel a few days ago (ordered from her Etsy store) that was supposed to go in someone's Christmas Eve stocking. But since I failed to plan out a spectacular dessert to go along with our spectacular Christmas Adam dinner (yes, there's nothing like giving my Jewish children two different kinds of shellfish, accompanied by noodles swimming in butter, cheese and pork products, right?), DM ordered us both into the kitchen to produce one already. And it seemed only fitting to make sure she was [Read more...]

Five days off! Oh, and – Merry Christmas

My new nickname at work? "Pseudo-Jew" - it's what you call someone who has the synagogue membership and the Jewish kids, but isn't Jewish by birth herself, and hasn't gotten around to officially converting. (Lest you worry that my co-workers call people names, I should confess that I came up with it myself...) This time of year, it comes in handy. For example, I'll benefit from a company calendar that gives us all Monday and Wednesday off as floating holidays - add Christmas itself into the mix, and I now get five days off in a row without expending any of my own vacation time to make it so. While the rest of you people all scurry around with that last minute gift buying [Read more...]