Why I love my job

I love going to my office. There's usually a never-ending supply of fresh coffee beans. I like the people I work with. Even though I don't work directly with many of the people there, they're quick to engage me in conversation, notice the fact I've been out, and interested in getting my opinion on what they're working on. I love working from home. I work with my client remotely anyway, so they don't much care if I'm answering my email wearing a t-shirt, pajama pants, and comfy slippers. And there's nothing like being able to participate in a four hour conference call by simply bringing the phone along (on muted speaker) when nature calls. When I need a physical [Read more...]

Take a blog tour around the world…

...pick up gifts along the way. My MetBlogs colleagues and I are all collaborating on a really cool project - the 7Gifts series, where MetBloggers from all over the world post for seven days about the seven gifts their cities have given the world. (Thanks to LA blogger David Markland, you can see the aggregated overview here.) We range from snarky (NYC's gift of chutzpah) to proud (London's architecture) to whimsical (Montreal's 'gift' of William Shatner, my own offering of The Simpsons) to serious (Atlanta's gift of Martin Luther King, Jr; Portland's leading role in the Death with Dignity movement. ) We dip into gustatory delights, from Philly's cheesesteak to [Read more...]

Enough with the searches for jello cake, people!

Yes, I made jello cake once. It was truly, truly vile. I said as much at the time. (Honestly, we couldn't even use it successfully for ant bait.) I wasn't complimentary. Yet, a search on jello cake brings you to my doorstep, Google searchers (it's number 16 or 17 on the list, no less.) And I guess it's up to me to attempt to lead you away from temptation, to save your troubled souls. Believe me when I say I am no fan of the jello poke cake. We are jello cake abstainers. See, it's filled with all these disgusting chemicals and artificial flavorings. Transfats, white flour, and empty calories. Not to mention sugar, food dyes, and nasty animal by-products. [Read more...]

When elastic goes bad…

If you happened to catch a glimpse of a woman walking down the street earlier today, clutching her pants tightly by the waist in what looked like an attempt to keep them up - well, that's exactly what I was doing. Let me explain. No, let me sum up: Work from home days = relaxed dress codeYoung daughter and friend required bus stop escortTen-year-old (but oh-so-comfortable) legging pants apparently weren't up for walking any great distanceIf not for tight two-handed grip, tragedy would have ensued In fact, my hubris (sure, I can stop on the way back for a Monday latte treat!) almost did me in. What required two hands barely made do with one constantly shifting hand (the [Read more...]