Blog more I will

NaNoBloMo seal Originally uploaded by BetsyWhim. Sure, I've been blogging over at MetBlogs - but it's high time I kickstarted this place again. So I'm jumping on the NaBloPoMo bandwagon, and promising that I'll kick out at least one post a day for the entire month of November. What will I write about? Anything and everything. Stories about the kids, most likely. Further tales of just why I'll always be the meanest parent in Portland, Oregon (and the Whole Wide World as well.) I'll probably do my fair share of whining, pissing, moaning and/or complaining. There'll be a ton of self-referential nonsense that'll only make sense to yours truly. And I'm quite sure [Read more...]

I don’t quite know…

ZTiger Originally uploaded by BetsyWhim. ...why she was able to get her face painted like a tiger at a Harvest Festival celebrating the bounty of the primarily North American harvest. But hey - they also had a Cake Walk. A 'build your own' zucchini car, which you then got to race downhill against other kids. Beanbag tosses, apple cider pressing, and free stone soup, chili, cornbread and salad for all. And a baking contest, where DM entered pumpkin-corn-chocolate chip muffins that got glowing reviews. Since I got out of work early last Friday on a gloriously sunny October afternoon in order to escort our baking Tiger, well...I decided against debating the whole [Read more...]

Caffeine-fueled flotsam

I'm still super-busy, but want to let all seven of you know I'm still alive. So I'm going to throw up some random tidbits, wrap some links in it, and call it a post, if you don't mind! (And I'm obviously so busy - or still doing that whole 'losing stuff' thing - that I wrote it but then forgot to publish it for a full three days, gack......sorry about that.) I bought myself a present a few days ago; it showed up on my doorstep yesterday. (Nope, didn't pay full price, thanks to a gift certificate - plus, free shipping!) While I still love french press coffee, I haven't been making it at home in the mornings 'cause it cools too quickly. But thanks to my new present, I [Read more...]

When the going gets tough…

...the tough get going? Nuh-uh - doesn't happen around this house. Instead, I lose things. Misplace things. And then tear the house apart like a crazy person (as if my house needed to be any further torn apart, thankyouverymuch) trying to find the missing object. Which - not so coincidentally enough - is the ONE item I need in order to (get somewhere/get something/pay for something/call someone.) I couldn't find my cell phone yesterday morning. Called the phone in order to see which coat pocket I'd left it in. Instead, we heard ominous silence. So I left to go retrieve the Flexcar from down the street in order to hustle DM to school early for her field trip. [Read more...]

Sorry, not curled up…

...somewhere in a fetal position. Instead, it's been non-stop craziness and mayhem over here, thanks to two kids with social schedules in hyperdrive, my own efforts campaigning on behalf of a school funding measure on the ballot here in Portland, a pesky illness that's >thisclose< from morphing into a cocktail of antibiotic-resistant supergerms, and - oh, yeah - that whole full time job thing. Who's feeding my children, you ask? Why, Chef Boyardee's on the job, with an assist from those nice Top Ramen folks. When do clothes get washed? In the wee hours of the morning - in a way designed to ensure that we're short on hot water for those AM showers, no less. When does the [Read more...]