Quit yer bitchin’

Yeah, I haven't been around much. And I'd planned on sitting down and writing one of those 'poor pitiful me, my September sure has sucked 'cause I'm sick yet again' posts. Yeah, I'm coughing and hacking and sneezing and spending every single last dime left in my flexible medical spending account this month (once I turn the receipts in for reimbursement, that is) for well kid office visit co-pays and prescriptions for the kid who now has asthma and the eye exam and the new glasses for the kid who now has asthma and my own annual and my own prescriptions. Not to mention the hordes of OTC stuff I've been forced to stock up on in the month of September alone: Imodium and [Read more...]

Where the hell am I, anyway?

I'm attending back to school meetings for two kids. I'm ferrying the same two kids to soccer practices, soccer games, playdates, festivals, and other kid-related stuff. Or pawning my kids off on other people, who are gracious enough to ferry in my stead. I'm at work. Or at home tending to two sick kids. Or running to the drugstore to restock OTC medications for the kid who is sick YET AGAIN. Or in front of my computer, cramming yet another overlapping event into the 'always available' Google calendar that's been my lifeline lately. I don't own a car - but I'm driving a car a lot lately, thanks to Flexcar. Why? I'm speaking at school meetings and/or community [Read more...]

And for the encore…?

Drama Mama proved once again this morning that her newfound love for classic rock isn't just a flash in the pan. Her father gifted her with a ukelele from Hawaii last night - so of course, after protracted negotiations, I let her package it up carefully and bring it to school for show and tell. And of course, she had to show it off at the bus stop this morning. Did she have a song to share as well? Why, of course she did! I had to laugh once she'd laboriously plunked out the first few notes (she was doing it by ear, as she's had no formal guitar training, save for Guitar Hero.) And the song? Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. The encore? Why - Iron Man. Of [Read more...]

Parenting by intimidation

Me: "I've asked you three times to wash your face. If you don't immediately stop what you're doing & go into the bathroom and wash it, I'll come in and do it for you. And I will not be gentle." ...within one minute... SFX: sounds of splashing water from the sink in the bathroom as a young daughter rids herself of her copious ice cream mustache. Hmmm. Maybe I should employ the same strategy for teeth brushing, using the scrubbrush as my suggested tool of choice....??

I’ve just been given a reason…

...to watch television again. Thanks be to the powers smart enough to give Aaron Sorkin another slot on broadcast television - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a definite winner; I've already got my TiVo season pass locked and loaded. Now I'm curious to see which Sorkin regulars show up as guest stars (or new cast members?) down the road. Sports Night's Felicity Huffman had a short appearance - how soon before we see Joshua Malina on board, even for a brief moment or two? Or Peter Krause? I might even have to stay up (past my bedtime, no less) to watch the show live in real-time every week, even with TiVo at the ready. That's high praise for this old and decrepit [Read more...]