Imelda’s back in town…

My daughter has quite the shoe fetish. Yes, even at the age of eight. But since I am her boring, practical mother with no real understanding of 'fashion', I rarely indulge her when she spies a pair of shoes that she simply must have. She'd been barely off the airplane for a few hours before I got dragged into a very expensive 'outlet store' filled with wonderfully funky imported shoes (we were walking back home after dropping off the Flexcar; they had a sale table out front as bait.) And while she found shoes that fit her (she's just starting to be able to wear women's shoes, woe is me), I made it very clear that I wasn't going to spend sixty dollars for a pair of [Read more...]

Goodbye, silence… old friend. I'll never hear you ever again... I realized this morning that the best part of the three weeks the kids have spent at Grandma Boot Camp has been the Total World Domination I've had over my aural environment at home. I can get up in the early morning and work in silence if I want to - OR turn on the radio or iTunes without fear of waking the kids. Running teleconferences from home is a breeze when you don't have to worry about the broadside of a 'Mooooom! He's looooooking at me funny!' The television has been mostly: Off. Or on so I can watch a show of my choosing, when I want to watch it, and at a volume that's most pleasing to me. And the [Read more...]

Sorry, Google searchers…

My traffic's been creeping up lately - or, rather, it's floating upwards leisurely like handfuls of tiny gas bubbles through a carbonated beverage. Bubbles that aim for the light, desperate to reach the surface so they can explode (and expire) in release. Now imagine there's a sludgy layer of sediment sitting at the top of the glass, trapping those bubbles below. They flail and wriggle and try with all their might to break free - but alas, there is no relief to be found. No plop plop, no fizz fizz. Google searchers - I am that sedimentary wet blanket. I will only break your heart. You will find no eructation lessons here. I cannot even make my own cardia vibrate, [Read more...]

“I’m just crying tears of joy…”

I've been trying to walk that fine line when it comes to calling the kids - I want them to know that they're missed, but I also don't want to prompt bouts of homesickness, either. And up until yesterday, I managed to strike the right balance. The Mogul's still signing off his calls to me with 'same here' and a snicker when I tell him that I love him and miss him (and he was more than slightly bemused with the inadvertent fame this post generated.) But my formerly-bubbly Drama Mama interrupted her recitation of all the stuff she's been doing and seeing a few times to exclaim with a few hitches in her voice that "I really love you and I really miss you and I can't wait to [Read more...]

So what’s for dinner?

I had this silly notion that I'd be inspired to cook for myself while the kids have been away in Michigan. I wasn't silly enough to assume I'd put together elaborate gourmet meals every evening - but I figured that not needing to cook for anyone else would mean I'd want to take a leisurely spin or two through my kitchen from time to time. Instead, I've been opening my refrigerator either to store leftover restaurant meals, throw no longer viable food away, or to survey the contents, shrug my shoulders apathetically, and reach for a Firecracker from the freezer instead. And my meals have consisted of an odd mix of mushy packaged foods (I blame the dental incident for this) [Read more...]