Help! I’m stuck in the 70’s!

And it's all my kids' fault (with an assist from The Father, of course.) First, it's The Mogul with his bad 70's overgrown white-boy afro. (Think I'm kidding? Check this stellar shot out...) Charming, isn't he? Originally uploaded by BetsyWhim. Then, it's the Playstation game both kids are obsessed with - Guitar Hero, with its emphasis on 70's power rock songs. To make matters worse? The kids apparently listened to a steady stream of one-named 70's rock bands all the way down to camp and back, courtesy of The Father's stuck-in-a-groove CD collection: Boston. Yes. And (oh, dear gawd I can't even say this one without shuddering) Rush. [Read more...]

It’s amazing how different life looks…

...when the shoe is on the other foot. My newly 13-year-old Mogul discovered this last week shortly after he and his sister returned from five days of camping. I'd arranged to work from home the following day, assuming they'd be sleeping in and/or otherwise not inclined to rush off to any kind of Organized Day; my assumption was correct. Well, it was for one kid, anyway - Drama Mama kept interrupting me asking if we could a) go swimming, b) go to the playground, or c) go an adventure. Undaunted at the steady chorus of 'nos', she finally came back with a doable option: d) go out for a late sushi lunch. And while I was gratified to finally say 'yes' to something, I [Read more...]

This was supposed to be the easy week…!

After the craziness of the last week and a half, I was looking forward to the week I'd be able to coast through. Uh - sorry, not in the cards (as was probably already clear by the lack of blog posts, eh?) Spent the first part of the week (kid-free, no less) hunting down places that were cooler than my un-airconditioned house (which averaged temps in the low 90s inside, even in the dead of night.) And once the kids got back? I had mounds of smoky, dirty, smelly 'just got back from camping' laundry to deal with, plus evening events galore. The house seriously looks like a tornado hit - so tonight was about plowing through paperwork, unopened mail, and the flotsam [Read more...]

And so it begins…

In between the hustle and bustle and work craziness that was my life last week, I managed to win myself an Official Teenager - yep, The Mogul turned thirteen last Friday. I didn't get to see the transformation myself - both kids left with The Father for a long weekend of camping Thursday evening; they were already well out of cell phone range when I tried calling early Friday morning to wish him a happy birthday on the day itself. But he's already given me more than a glimpse of his maturity - even as he gives me plenty of agita and envelope-pushing and oh-so-logical arguments (or so he thinks, anyway) designed to wear out my last nerve. He's the kid who rose to the [Read more...]

I’m coool

My crazy week is over. The kids are gone for a few days. And I'm in serious decompression mode right now as a result. Normally, it'd mean that I crawl into my cave and hibernate for a day or two. But my cave, it is 100+ degrees (as is the rest of Portland, of course) - so instead, I'm hibernating in a much cooler air conditioned cave. Since there's free wifi in this cave, plus a bartender who brings me happy-hour priced mojitos (note to self: mine are better) - well, I can feel the decompression kicking in as I type this. Plus, I don't have to look at (or smell) the piles of dishes festering in my piled-up kitchen this way...!