This week’s camp…

Drama Mama's on a 'if this is the last week in June, I'm attending this camp' schedule this summer. Last week was soccer camp, of course (the one that played the most havoc with my work schedule - all hail my very understanding company, who let me flex hours with abandon.) This week was the easy week - camp at the place she attended aftercare at during the school year. The place five blocks from the house. The place where camp hours cover 6:45 - 6 pm. Yet she still had quite the array of field trips - from water fountain play to museums to parks to community service trips (today's trip: visiting a senior citizen's center to read to a buddy. Bad news, though - according [Read more...]

How I rule my kingdom

Two conversations within the last 24 hours with my two darling children cement my reputation as the Meanest Mother in the Whole Wide World: From last night: Me: "Nope, I don't have to give you a reason why I want you to throw the cap gun away. Throw it away now, please." The Mogul: "So if you don't have to give me a reason, you must believe that it's okay for President Bush to go to war with Iraq and he can just decide by himself and he doesn't have to explain himself to the American people?" (This is my 'future lawyer' kid, he delights in trying to poke holes in my logic.) Me: "Our federal government is a democracy, and we have laws and a Congress that should [Read more...]

It’s 94 degrees in my house… 10:09 in the evening. We have windows open. We have fans blowing. I even put a bag of ice in a roasting pan in front of the industrial fan, thinking I could use it to help bring the temperature down. Fifteeen minutes later, I had a lukewarm pan of water; the temperature had dropped one measly degree. My upstairs neighbors bailed at 9 pm and did an emergency run to Target for an air conditioner; this after leaving their place shut down tight all day to try and mitigate the heat. My kids had the right idea - for three dollars, they had an arsenal of water toys from the Dollar Store; they proceeded to spend the early evening hours soaking each other repeatedly. [Read more...]

Apparently, I should be making mojitos

This, from my young son (yes, he finally lost the sweatshirt) when he joined me out here on the front porch & wrinkled his nose up at the latest Magic Bullet concoction I was drinking while I blogged out where it's much cooler. "Mojitos are goooood, Mom!" Huh, wha...? Just how does my 13 year old son know about Mojitos, anyway? It turns out that he'd had a sip of the trial batch The Father's girlfriend was making last evening. He thinks I should stock up on all of the necessary ingredients. Was going to send me out this evening for fresh mint (the only thing I'm missing, it seems.) I've now been told that I need to come home tomorrow evening with the goods. In the [Read more...]

My son, the freak

The rest of the world in Portland has dressed for the freakishly hot weather - all except for my son, who has been wearing a hooded sweatshirt over a t-shirt and heavy jeans all weekend long, I was told. He was wearing the sweatshirt (with a different pair of jeans) when he left for his dad's on Friday night - but I was quite sure he'd lose the sweatshirt at some point over the weekend, thanks to the triple-digit temperatures we're experiencing. Uh, no. It's 90 degrees in my house right now (despite the multiple fans pushing hot air around.) And the kid's sitting on a chair in the darkened living room huddled into his sweatshirt. Yeah, he's pushed the sleeves up [Read more...]