My perfect day off…

Since I've been working double-time in the last few weeks, I decided to take today off - even though a kid-free weekend kicked in at 5:30 pm this evening. How'd I spend my day? 6:30 am - Rousted Drama Mama out of bed, packed her lunch, whisked her out the door to Zoo Camp. 7:00 am - But, first! Grab a FlexCar to do the trip in style, stop at our favorite local restaurant for breakfast at the counter. (Note to self: make sure she orders something you won't mind eating yourself; be prepared to have your own order poached upon...) 8:30 am - What's that blazing yellow orb in the sky? Do I really need this jacket after all? Where are my sunglasses, anyway? 9:30 am - [Read more...]

My budding cosmetologist

(subtitled "why I have glops of instant maple brown sugar oatmeal in my bathroom sink lately"...) Drama Mama has yet another bee in her bonnet - she showed up impatiently at my elbow Tuesday evening, demanding a list of things "that are good for skin." I should have asked a few questions, of course, before rattling off the list: buttermilk, oats, lemon juice, honey, etc. - but hey, I was preoccupied with some High Blog Drama, so I wasn't thinking clearly. Sure enough, she wanted me to: Immediately stop what I was doing Scramble through the house to find all the ingredients, and Help her dump them all into a vat in order to make skin cream She was [Read more...]

I think I’m in love

Unlike others of my gender, I hate shopping - especially clothes/shoe shopping. Hate it with a capital-S - I want to be able to go in right when I feel the urge for something new, grab what I want in less than 10 minutes, pay the least amount possible, and then run out the door with my stuff in my hot little hands. Unfortunately, that rarely pans out - even when I know exactly what I want, even when I think I know just where to go to get it. This last weekend was particularly frustrating - not only could we not find hooded sweatshirts for The Mogul, but I couldn't find the shoes I wanted for myself - even after trying the manufacturer's list of local stores carrying their [Read more...]

Why is it…

...that you can't find plain old solid color hooded sweatshirts for sale anywhere? (We managed to scrape through sale racks to unearth a few, but it was a lot harder than it ought to have been, given that it's only March and we live in Oregon!) ...that my two children only choose to cooperate with each other when I'm not around to witness it? ...that I can never manage to finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold? And why don't I just dump some ice cubes in it instead of dumping it out, given that I'm a fan of iced coffee as well?

I am a muxer

I am categorically unable to make a recipe exactly as it's written from start to finish. Instead, I substitute in cashews for walnuts. Nutmeg for cinnamon. Add chocolate chips, or replace part of the flour with cornmeal. Leave out garlic, or add in rosemary. Even when I've never tried the recipe before. Even when I've already hit a home run with a previous iteration - I've been told that both my brownies and apple crisp versions can't be improved on, yet I persist in tweaking, adjusting, or just plain 'muxing around', as my brother calls it. To add insult to injury, I also infuriate more precise cooks by freewheeling through recipes. (My friend Terry may not have yet [Read more...]