Exercises in futility

Earlier this evening, our entire family was engaged in three separate, but equally futile tasks: The Mogul was trying to cobble together an internet-ready computer from the hardware castoffs we had lying around the house (his laptop's hard drive died earlier this week; he's been jonesing with apparently unacceptible myspace.com access since...) I had my head in the refrigerator, trying to cobble together an interesting and/or appetizing meal as per our usual 'sunday leftover buffet' theme. Drama Mama, who decided to appease an afternoon of maternal wrath by voluntarily cleaning her room, was on a stepstool (planted right in the middle of a pile of toys and [Read more...]

Sunday flotsam

No, I'm not in a drunken coma and/or in jail somewhere. Total intake of bourbon: four sips. Over a 36 hour period, no less. I may talk a good game, but when it comes to actually consuming the alcohol, I'm apparently as effective as our Blazers lately (or billionaire Paul Allen's attempts to wheedle money out of various municipal stones to help carry his load)... Oh the other hand, I had cupcakes. Heavenly little mini cupcakes from Saint Cupcake, with oddly healing powers. Yesterday was another 'grab the Flexcar, empty out my house' day: Now gone: a trunkload of stuff to Value Village; two bags' full of books now for sale at the paperback store (my son's thrilled with [Read more...]

It’s official

I can take that scarlet letter off my sweater. Yep, that whole pending divorce bit? Scratch the 'pending' part. And yep, we got our wish: Judgement Date: 2/14/06 And you know? Everyone told me it'd still knock me a bit sideways - even though we both wanted it, even though we've worked through all the agita to create a much healthier relationship as parents. Everyone was right. ...which is why I have a hot date with a bottle of bourbon once I a) get The Mogul back home from a party, and b) get both kids to bed. If there's an incoherent rant here in a few hours, don't say you weren't warned...!

Last chance – CD sale!

I'm heading to Music Millennium and/or Everyday Music to sell the CDs on this list tomorrow afternoon. (Everything that's been crossed out is already spoken for, of course.) If you want to eliminate the middleman and buy directly from me, better get your email request into me - before midnight tonight...!

When ‘I’m on the phone!’ doesn’t matter…

Yesterday, I was on an all day conference call (with breaks for lunch and an on-site meeting, thankfully.) And while I have a handy-dandy Judy the Time-Life Operator headset now for the work phone, that doesn't work so well when you have to take what our meeting facilitator euphemistically referred to as a 'bio-break' during a non-bio-break mandated time. Today, I decided to man the phone for this morning's meeting from home instead. And while it meant that I had to forego the headset, the change of venue offered up several key advantages: Can wear fuzzy slippers the entire time Can guarantee the crock pot's on this time No one has to know that I haven't [Read more...]