Ominous winds

It's been raining nonstop here in Oregon for what seems like days and days and days. Add in winds that rattle windows, clouds that seem like they're thisclose to the ground, and the fact that my solar watch still can't seem to maintain a charge - and it's no wonder that we just haven't been rooted to the ground where we're standing, grabbed by some fast-growing moss that sucks us in and holds on tight. It might be my imagination or mood, but the wind sounds especially ominous to me lately - and I'm hearing that same brooding note echoing back in the reports I'm getting from loved ones, co-workers, and even from my 'friends in the computer.' A co-worker's father had an [Read more...]

My daughter, the cartoon bush

Drama Mama and I butt heads every weekday morning - usually, she wants to clothe herself in frills and furbelows, while I urge a more moderate approach. If she had her way? She'd be wearing her bead-spangled pink princess dress and gold lame shoes to school every day. My role, of course, is that as resident killjoy - I'm the mean parent urging 'practical clothing' and reminding her of PE days, art classes, or anything else that might suggest a different (read: washable) dress code. Today's battle revolved around the too-skimpy, too-small summer cotton dress with the barely-there cap sleeves and enormous exaggerated pink flowers that she insisted was the only possible [Read more...]

iTunes signature maker

I just spent the afternoon creating a 'short sonic signature of my iTunes music library' - it would have normally been a quick operation, but since The Mogul has been using my machine to burn CDs lately, I had to tweak settings to get it to accurately reflect my tastes But after tagging my own music with ratings (in between bouts of folding laundry), I managed to create fodder enough for a reasonably accurate sample of my very large digital music library (although I can't select the songs that get used or how they're put together.) Listen to the result here (or download it, it's a whopping 5.67MB file, although it's only a 30 second snippet/563kB file after I worked some [Read more...]

What a difference a year makes…

...if I'd gotten yet another letter from the IRS saying that I failed to file taxes during yet another year (this time, they're alleging I'm in default for 2002) at this time last year? I'd be a gibbering, sobbing, emotional wreck. I'd be curled up in a little ball still wearing yesterday's clothes, smelling of cheap whiskey and flopsweat and fear. You see, I hadn't actually filed 2002 taxes at this point last year. But last year was the year of the Great Cleaning up of My Act. Thus, we filed tax returns with great abandon (sending them all certified and collecting proof that they had, in fact, been received.) We paid off all of our obligations, collected our [Read more...]

Can I just tell you… much I am not looking forward to tonight's excursion? I love music. I love live shows, like attending shows at the Roseland, and even enjoy certain select slices of hiphop/rap music. But the more I read about Mr. Yayo, the less thrilled I am at the prospect of handing my Friday evening (not to mention 30 bucks) over to the man. Drama Mama, on the other hand, is in heaven. She gets to spend the evening with her beloved father instead - they're going to dinner, then the school dance (where one hopes we won't have a repeat of this incident.) And to top it off? A rare off-weekend sleepover. I seriously got the short end of this stick, didn't I? Update: [Read more...]