It’s 5:30 am… it was time to make the muffins. See, my week is so jammed full of stuff now that in order to have home-baked goods that need to be dropped off by Friday at 10 am, I need to pick and then bake something that will actually get better as it aged a bit. Thankfully, my Thanksgiving muffins fill the bill, and I still have all the needed ingredients, hooray! But before I could bake, I first needed to: Check email, do a quick blog scan for overnight spam depositsWash a batch of dishesFold one load of laundry, move second load into dryer Okay. It's 6 am, and baking is underway. But what's this? There's a small child in my kitchen. She's put on the face she most believes [Read more...]

My crockpot bean soup steel cage death match

This time, it's personal. And it's going on 36 hours, because I will not wave the white flag, damn it! I know that making bean dishes with dried beans in the crockpot is a tricky endeavor. I know the things to do - presoak your beans, for starters - and what not to do (have acid-y ingredients, add salt during cooking, etc.) And nevertheless, I end up with crunchy beans despite hours and hours and hours of cooking - with no rhyme or reason for the problem. Because I am a masochist, I set myself up yet again - and sacrificed the last of my kick-ass homemade turkey stock to the cause, no less. It went in the pot with some dried vegetable soup mix from the bulk food [Read more...]

What’s next? Mom as Ethel Merman in Gypsy?

The little girl serenading the bus driver with show tunes tonight? Yep, that's my kid. Yep, her pseudonym - Drama Mama - is a well-chosen one. "What are you singing?" they ask. "It's Rodgers and Hammerstein - from the 1965 version of Cinderella," she replies brightly. Give her the slightest bit of inclination, and she'll start belting out "In My Own Little Corner". Find her the lyrics and she'll start singing "Ten Minutes Ago" to herself in bed - over and over and over and over again. I know, I know - it could be so much worse. And we're branching out - a scary walk home in the dark prompted me to croon an old Stephen Sondheim song - Not While I'm Around. [Read more...]

Rumor has it…

...that my blog's included in a new book. I haven't seen the reference (and had no clue this was happening) - but if the book's called Blogosphere: Best of Blogs, then I guess I'm not getting a negative review...? (I'm apparently in the Parenting chapter, along with DotMoms and two fellow DotMoms bloggers: Mindy & Charlene. Uh...if you happen to see a copy of this, will you let me know what it says about me, please?) ...that I'm jetting off to San Jose next week (yes, I know the way well), leaving my children to fend for themselves in the care of their oh-so-competent father. ...that my children have already picked the restaurant I asked them to select for a very [Read more...]

Maybe there’s more to this…

...than a tryptophan hangover. I've been sleeping for most of the weekend. Falling asleep at 8:30 in the evening. Sleeping well past my usual 6 am inner alarm clock. Crawling back into bed for an afternoon nap. Sure, I've had the luxury to indulge in all this extra sleep time - the kids have been with their dad since Thursday morning; I've had nothing particular on the agenda. And yeah, I've been feeling under the weather - but it's not as if I'm on my deathbed or anything. I have managed to get out of the house - a long excursion yesterday afternoon, a short one to the library today, for example. But then I come home, crawl into pajamas, and curl up under the down [Read more...]