Empty heart

Sometimes, you meet someone and there's an instant connection. You've got similar life circumstances, or values. You both appreciate the same things, or have lived through similar experiences. The connection can start with one simple shared habit - the ability to look at the world sideways, one eyebrow cocked, for example. Or it happens when you realize that you both love the same person, albeit in different ways. When you meet, there's a spark - and your conversation just volleys it, back and forth, back and forth. You leave, grinning at the gift you just got - a new friend. And that space in your heart grows a little smaller. That's what happened when I met The [Read more...]

Full hands

PK usually shows up here with at least one hand full. If he's not bearing a DVD for us to watch, then he's toting other gifts: a small box to put a treasured object in, a book or magazine he knows I want to read, a CD he's copied, or even a brown paper bag with a beer, just for me. But when he shows up with a bagful of apples, accompanied by a sheepish grin - well, that's the sign that he'd really, really, really like it if I'd resume my quest to develop the quintessential apple crisp. And since the recipe I keep tweaking is a deceptively simple one? I don't mind a bit. I've had to do some educating when it comes to apple buying - an entire crisp of Granny Smith [Read more...]

What’s that smell?

For hundreds of thousands of NYC residents last night, it was the apparently unmistakable smell of maple syrup. Hundreds of people called info lines trying to figure out what was going on, while thousands more figured it was 'just them.' (I belong to a NYC-based online community that's been buzzing about this all day..) And since NYC isn't exactly known for its fragrant aroma, well - folks are mighty worried. The Times has no answer. Neither do the Office of Emergency Management, Police and Fire Departments, the Coast Guard or the EPA. Me? I think it's related to the events in Washington D.C. today. After all, what else goes perfectly with pancakes & syrup? [Read more...]

A girl can definitely get used to…

...sneaking off to have lunch with two dashing and debonair gentleman and fellow bloggers! We definitely didn't run out of conversational fodder; vowed to reinvent the Portland media scene, blog-style (right?); and even managed to sneak in some geek talk about templates and the like (much to the puzzlement of anyone eavesdropping on the conversation, I'm sure.) It was a grand time - just like every other meeting I've ever had with fellow bloggers has been, of course. (Try it, you'll like it!) This particular historical occasion even got documented for posterity - but more about that next week...

13 things I’ve learned…

...after two weeks of working/the new household drill: Meetings that start with encouragment to ask questions and end with pizza make staff meetings painlessMy son is quite capable of doing his own laundry, hooray!If I didn't have a crockpot, we'd be (they'd be, anyway) eating the stuff in the blue & white box for dinner way too often.Schools need a better system of sending information home - like, perhaps, online calendars/event lists? (This after missing picture retake day - not mentioned in any of the myriad school communications that came home, ugh.)There is too such a thing as a free lunch - two courtesy of my employer this week alone, no less!Attempting to read a [Read more...]