Friday flotsam

Donate $100 (before midnight tonight) to Katrina victims via Brian Wilson's website, and he'll not only match your contribution, but call you personally to thank you (or answer a question if you'd rather.) Yeah, it's on the level...I went, I ate, I found a chocolate chip cookie better than my own. Get the details hereTerri-lynn's got the right idea: It's now officially red wine weather around here... And after a glass or two later on tonight? I just might post the email labeled Extreme Mush Alert. You have been warned accordingly...

…busy busy…

But did manage to kick up a bit of a fuss over here about Albertson's decision to ban Seventeen magazine, of all things. (Why not start with those annoying Patricia Heaton commercials first?) And I think I should report that the kids and I avoided FoodDude's apocalyptic 48-hour Bush Garden experience, thank goodness! In fact, we're back to being a hurl-free zone here. To celebrate, I'm off to find what's reputed to be a world-class chocolate chip cookie...(more about this later...)

Midweek flotsam

Updates, in no particular order: - We have had no repeat instances of hurling here, thank goodness. Of course, we've also temporarily banned Life Savers and red sauce... - Hallelujah, thank you Lord! The Father has returned from his business travels; regular Wednesday dinners with dad resume tomorrow evening; kid-free weekends commence the weekend after next (adroitly arranged to coincide with my birthday, no less)... - The job search continues; I've had some intriguing nibbles, have been interviewing, & generally doing everything I can to hunt down job leads. So if you know of marketing/communications/writing/editing positions here in the PDX area, bring them on, will [Read more...]

Put Ralph on an outbound train, please?

See, we just do NOT vomit in this house. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to deal with a family member's semi-digested effluvia in the last 15 years (discounting the constant projectile spitups we experienced with DM's reflux when she was small, of course.) My kids don't get stomach aches. And I don't get sick myself that way. And since I have a famously queasy stomach when presented with anything vaguely resembling vomit, I have always been profusely, expressively grateful for the blessing that has been my vomit-free household. I have not taken my good fortune for granted, nor have I done anything to offend the Gods Who Prevent Spewage. So can [Read more...]

Monday SAS – compliments and complaints

Warning - you might want to skip ahead if you have a sensitive stomach... It's a hell of an endorsement - don't you think? After gorging on my meat sauce last night, I awoke to the unmistakable sounds of The Mogul, retching violently in the bathroom around 1 am. After I scrambled to deal with the copious mess, helped dump TM in the shower, etc. etc. etc., the kid looks at me and soberly says: "Mom, I still think that meat sauce is the best ever." Glad you like it, kid - I know I'm not going to be able to touch those leftovers in the fridge...!Before last night's incident, both kids were trying to come up with a name for this sauce variation, and suggested I open it up to [Read more...]