So I saw The Aristocrats

...and I have one thing to say. My children will never, EVER be allowed to watch Full House again. Who knew Bob Saget had such a mouth on him...? (Yeah - you knew I was looking for the flimsiest excuse possible to ban that show from my immediate environment - and I found one, hooray!) The movie? It was, uh, everything I expected. And more, of course. What more could a girl need than a bottle of wine (opened just for one pre-trip glass), a quick drink at the bar across the street from the movie theater, and two hours of stunned hysterical laughter to the filthiest joke around? PK gets major kudos here for both the idea and the execution - it was the best Wednesday [Read more...]

Chavez not Robertson’s first target… a random rerun of a Daily Show episode (originally aired before the latest brohaha) last night reminded me. Ed Helms interprets this Robertson prayer - "Take control, Lord. We ask for additional vacancies on the court." - as a request to be "gracious enough to kill a sitting Supreme Court Justice." Since Supreme Court Justices are lifetime appointments, it's a logical conclusion, no? Pat Robertson: The Paulie Walnuts of the Republican Party.

Flash this!

I love this - a NYC subway rider snapped a photo of a male flasher (mid-act, no less) on the subway system with her camera phone. She not only reported it to police, but posted the photo on Flickr & Craigslist. Why? "He made me feel creepy," she said. "I want to embarrass him." Six other women have now come forward to report that they'd also been flashed by the same guy, and a number of people potentially identified him as the co-owner of two raw foods restaurants in Manhattan. (Insert obligatory rim shot here.) And if that's not enough, it turns out that the alleged flasher has a decade-old arrest record. He's also hasn't yet shown up for his appointment with [Read more...]

Where have all the pirates gone?

If you believe this alternate theory of Intelligent Design, they're disappearing as our global warming problem accelerates - and it's statistically proven, no less! Perhaps that's why worshippers of this alternate theory choose to adorn themselves accordingly: Furthermore, it is disrespectful to teach our beliefs without wearing His chosen outfit, which of course is full pirate regalia. I cannot stress the importance of this enough, and unfortunately cannot describe in detail why this must be done as I fear this letter is already becoming too long. The concise explanation is that He becomes angry if we don?t. Lord only knows we dare not anger the God with the Noodly [Read more...]