Oh, no! You’re making us eat ice cream for dinner?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - I did indeed hear words very similar to those uttered by one of my two children this evening. He didn't want anything cold, you see, since he'd just gotten caught in the rain walking home, was soaked to the bone and totally chilled. But, after he warmed up (courtesy of a double batch of ramen he whipped up before our arrival home), the notion got more and more appealing... And thus it came to pass - we all had sundaes for dinner tonight. I can't call them true banana splits, since we passed on the classic construction. But we did have heaping bowls of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, atop banana slices. They were drizzled with hot fudge, and [Read more...]

We’re in a rut

The kids and I are in a horrible rut when it comes to dinner at our house. More often than not, the kids petition for 'YOYO' - which at our house, means You're On Your Own. I might need to assist Drama Mama a bit - but it means she gets to pick what she wants for dinner, when she wants it. Ditto for The Mogul (who is the usual proponent of YOYO nights), who also assumes responsibility for producing his own meal. And what do they both want, 99 times out of 100? The Mogul wants ramen. DM wants spaghetti with 'lots of butter' - or ramen. And I've been known to say that yogurt, carrot sticks with dip, and some sliced lunch meat will pass muster for an acceptable dinner on [Read more...]

Is it just me…

...or is anyone else unusually, groggily tired this morning? I went to sleep at 9:30 last night. I woke up at 5 am, as per usual. And then - I headed back to bed at 6 for a half-hour nap of sorts. Now? I cannot, cannot wake up - despite two cups of coffee and a light breakfast (which I normally don't do.) And I really, really want another nap...

He did what…?

We've been flipping back and forth between PK's house and my own place this kid-free weekend, in between errands and work shifts (his) and other events (mine.) PK already knows that I am no paragon of neatness, but doesn't much care - "I'm here to see you, and not your house," he says. And that's a good thing - my place is unusually cluttered and messy as of late. Normally, I'd have been all stressed out by the state of my abode - but PK and I have slipped into a very comfortable place relatively quickly, so I've merely been making casual swipes at things as the weekend's progressed. Instead, I left the bulk of the necessary work for after his departure mid-afternoon (and [Read more...]

Lazy Monday

I'm drinking my first cup of coffee at 11:46 am this morning, wearing one of my more disreputable yet soft and oh-so-comfortable 10-year-old t-shirts. Norah Jones is playing softly on iTunes; I'm trying to keep quiet 'cause someone's trying to take a mid-day nap after some birthday celebrating that started at 1 am with the presentation of hot pizza and homemade brownies ...continued at 2:30ish when we finally got around to said pizza ...and delayed the brewing of coffee for a few hours this morning. The lawn that still needs mowing? Will wait until this afternoon. And after this blog post ...a few emails ...and some work tasks that'll be quickly dispatched, well ...I [Read more...]