My politically incorrect musings

Now that Terri Schiavo has finally died, can we now expect to hear religious conservatives celebrate the fact that she's "now with Jesus" and/or "her spirit and soul are no longer impeded by her physical limitations" (both teachings I remember hearing from my long-ago religious upbringing?) No, I didn't think so either...Three-quarters of the people mewling about Michael Schiavo's supposed moral shortcomings ought to take a close look back over their own lives and/or in a mirror - and then shut up already. What ever happened to the whole 'cast not the first stone' precept, anyway?If I ever needed yet another reason to avoid network and/or cable news shows for the next few days [Read more...]

Top 10 reasons I should… from home one day a week: 10. I can work hands free and make necessary personal phone calls at the same time, thanks to the Judy-The-Time/Life-Operator headphones I'd not dare wear out of the house. 9. Doing laundry during the day? What a concept! 8. Can play my music as loudly as I want to. 7. I don't have to smell the nasty things others choose to eat for lunch. 6. Impromptu dance moves go unobserved. 5. Hungry? Thirsty? The kitchen's mere steps away. 4. Still possible to reach out and touch someone via IM, yet don't have to be worried about catching their latest cold 3. Ability to skip morning shower until later in the day means [Read more...]

Reclaiming “Because I said so.”

Every prospective new parent makes several resolutions that fall into the "I'm not going to treat my children the way I was treated." Either we take the sanctimonious and highfaluting (not to mention wordy) high road, and proclaim that we'll make the time and take the time to explain our every last parental declaration, using language they can understand, in ways best designed not to warp their fragile little minds and self-esteem (insert several more paragraphs of jargon from the latest parenting books du jour if you must.) Because, after all, we've bought into the UberParenting mode - the one where you temporarily lose your first name for 20 years or so, replace it with [Read more...]

testing again

(yeah - these are going to come and go throughout the day - RSS readers? sorry for the false alarms...)

Can I just say…

...that when you've had a really bad day, teaching your children how to explode clearance-sale Peeps in the microwave (in a clear Tupperware container with a lid, to prevent messes, of course) is just the kind of stress relief one needs? The giggles and cheers were just the tonic I needed. (Of course, the kids had some reactions of their own...)