Learn from me, oh grasshopper

If you're a) trying to drink 64 ounces of water each day at work, and b) heading out to walk the Esplanade loop each day, wouldn't you think it'd be a good idea to use the restroom before you head out? Not if you're me, you wouldn't. For future reference? They have a bank of portable toilets underneath the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge (bring your own Purell). I'm told there are more up underneath the floating walkway on the east side... (I'm quite sure I'll discover each and every location in the weeks ahead...)

More short-attention-span snippets

Because my brain is on 'la la la la la I'm not thinking about that right now' mode (plus I have some real work and/or life deadlines interceding), I'm dragging out some of the weekly features I let slip by the wayside. Today is Monday SAS day - can be short and sweet, can be short and snarky, can be short 'cause I have no attention span. The only requirement? Short. Short? Me? Uh, yeah - I can do this... Washing cabinets & woodwork down with Murphy's Oil Soap + leaving windows open to let the breeze blow through = a kitchen that smells spring-fresh. Love the smell of Murphy's. Love it, love it...New favorite coffee bean: Stumptown's Rwanda. b!X talked about the [Read more...]

Right now; this time next week…

Right now, the house is relatively quiet post-sleepover, if a bit disheveled. The sugar high from the pancakes appears to have worn off, and each child is in his or her corner, busily occupying themselves. We're all still in pajamas and/or lounging clothes for the time being (activities and responsibilities beckon for this afternoon, however.) Me? I'm up on a stepstool (or I just was), dusting and/or cleaning and/or rearranging pictures and stuff on the built in shelving unit in the room that doubles as my office. I have on my oh-so-stylin' two-piece cotton pajamas bedecked with various coffee mugs and/or cups, and I've got my own steaming cup close by. There's a ton of [Read more...]

15 reasons why I get a gold star this week

I know, I know - it's been a short week for most of you. But for this single working mother of two and paragon of virtue (stop laughing, please)? It's been a loooong week. Frankly, I'm amazed I'm still standing - albeit with one badly skinned knee that's threatening to sprout some killer bruises in the next day or two. So, I'm not above shamelessly patting myself on the back for the following accomplishments: I am hosting a Friday-night kid sleepover tonight as we speak - and I am even letting them all camp out in the living room tonight (denying myself television privileges later this evening as a result)Someone brought in three boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts today. I [Read more...]

Reason 67 zillion…

...why grace will never, ever be my middle name. Day Three of gorgeous weather - and it's off to do the esplanade route again. Only this time, I'm not distracting myself and/or slowing down to take pictures, and I'm doing the whole loop again (a three mile walk), not just the east bank. I've got my water bottle. I've got my solid walking sneakers. And I'm thrilled beyond belief that I get to resume a regular routine I'd loved to do the last time I worked downtown - my lunchtime power walks (which would be so much more enjoyable with an iPod Shuffle. But I digress...). But...what's this? A raised edge in the sidewalk (before I even get to the esplanade, damn it) [Read more...]