I know there’s a monthly quota…

...and/or monthly targets for several professions. Sales teams have their targets ... and police officers have a certain number of tickets they're expected to write out each month. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Someone's going to come in and contest this last bit. Guess what? I won't believe you.) Well, it seems that someone out there believes that I haven't yet met my quota of dealing with passive-aggressive guys that I used to be involved with this month. (Yes, used to be involved with - as in past tense. No, there is no one who qualifies for present tense - thanks for asking, though! And no, I'm not talking about The Father - he's not one of the three.) How else to explain [Read more...]

Drama Mama? Try ‘hoochie mama’…

Since I need to give my daughter's future prom date plenty to Google over, I might as well get right on it. Hi there, Mr. Future Prom Date! You'll want to pull up a chair and take careful notes here... Oh? That's not what the NYTimes article was suggesting I do? Well - I've already sold her down the river for some cheap laughs, and I'm not about to stop now. So. It's Friday night, and Drama Mama and I had a hot evening planned as part of the whole DM 'immersion into activities that focused on HER HER HER' weekend. (See? We're not always self-absorbed. Sometimes we think it's more important to engage in activities and traditions that will pass that stellar [Read more...]

Blogging for Buster

Think Margaret Spellings has her head up her ass? Then it's time to get busy. Here's what you do: Email or contact your local public broadcasting station. Tell them you want them to explicitly support diversity by airing the "Sugartime" episode. Don't forget to remind them, of course, of your support in the past - and if you feel so inclined, make any future support dependent on said airing. (Oregonians can email OPB's television programming decisionmakers Tom Doggett and Maynard Orme, or call the station at 503-244-9900)Next, email the Department of Education and NPR as well. Remind the DoE just where their priorities ought to lie while you're at it...Finally (and [Read more...]

Why I will always be TMMitWWW (part two)*

...for all eternity. I don't much care that The New York Times says I'm irretrievably scarring my children for life by blogging about them now. See, years ago, we agonized horribly about moving from NYC to the 'burbs. Then we agonized horribly a few years later about moving back to the city. (The Mogul was a mere tot at the time, so was not part of the royal 'we', although we put him at the center of the debate.) Until we came to this: No matter what decision we make - he'll hate us for it in 20 years. Why not make the one that will make us all happier now? And it's been one of my key parenting mantras ever since, along with the offhand crack I made once that [Read more...]

What would you say?

How would you answer the question: I would do anything for love (but I won't do that...)? (Yes, scores of people are now clutching their ears in pain as I just earwormed what VH1 once labeled one of the "Top 50 Worst Songs" into their brains.) Not familiar with the song? You don't need to be to answer the question, of course - but you can find lyrics here, or learn more about what others think that refers to... My answer? I'm still thinking. Inspired by this and that and after doing more thinking about the apparent overabundance of love in the world...