Homecoming rituals

What do you do when you first arrive home? I've noticed that I have my own little rituals when I walk in the door. I automatically put the keys on the hook they belong on - first thing (years of losing my keys and/or leaving them in the house and/or having to break into my own house to retrieve them and/or spending way too much time looking for them finally sank in, thank goodness.) I sort the mail over a special bin to hold recycling, so that junk mail goes right back out the door. And yes, there are other nighttime rituals that help me decompress and settle back into being home again. Here's what I want to know: What's the first thing you take off? (besides a coat or [Read more...]

It started out to be a good day…

...and then the dueling demons derailed things. Drama Mama cooperated nicely this morning - we got out of the house painlessly, and even had time to stop for a quick breakfast. I got an unexpected gift of some new music, which provided an excellent soundtrack for what turned out to be a pretty productive day at work. Was kicking butt...taking names...and thinking that I might even be able to (gasp!) be spontaneous and sneak out for an hour of kid-free time this evening. What was I thinking? You'd think that after 11+ years of doing the whole parenting thing, I'd know better than to tempt the fates like this. And tempted, they were. First, The Mogul had a meltdown, [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: 20Q

You could waste your entire afternoon playing this very addictive game. Don't say I didn't warn you... 20Q.net has both a toy pocket version and a web interface - it's an artificial intelligence version of the good old '20 Questions' game. This one wins almost all of the time, say friends who've done their best to try and stump it. (I didn't manage to either when I just tried...) Must. Not. Play. Again. There's work to be done...

Noted and/or newsworthy

See what happens when I don't pay close attention to the local newspaper? I miss the big news of the neighborhood - we're not getting that Zupan's after all. Jack (who caught it as he was recycling his own batch of papers) has plenty to say on the subject. I'm just wondering if there've been problems for months now (the first lawsuit was filed in August) - why are we only hearing of it now? And were condo buyers (many with nonrefundable deposits) who bought since August told of the legal hassles? (I know, I know - they're both silly questions...)Rob over at About it All pointed me to a great resource for those contemplating and/or engaging in holiday shopping - Choose the [Read more...]

Course correction? accomplished

I have heat again! Since it's cold outside, this is Good. My children are raving over dinner (split pea soup in the crockpot), after initially turning their collective noses up at the concept. My daughter originally wrote me a note asking if she could have a "difrit soup - doubllle newdul." But the note I got after I enforced the mandatory 'you MUST taste this' rule? "This soup is grat"...that special notepaper she picked out from the Dollar Tree adds a distinctive touch, no? (At least it's not pink and/or sparkly...) (She's only in first grade, and we're trying to get her to sound words out on her own rather than asking us how to spell everything, one painful letter at a [Read more...]