Where were all the trick or treaters?

Trick or treating just isn't what it used to be - and I'm not quite sure why this is. When we moved to PDX 8 years ago, we were inundated on our first Halloween here. We had the hordes of kids who piled out of clown cars, plus a decent assortment of neighborhood kids. I remember running out of candy at 8 pm...turning off every light on the first floor...and still getting knocks and doorbell rings anyway. We learned that we were in a target neighborhood, and stocked up accordingly. But the crowds dwindled down at that house over the years (I consistently had leftover candy, for example), and I wasn't at all sure what to expect at the new place, all of 8 blocks away. [Read more...]

Halloween costume? HAHAHAHAHAHA

I am going to a Halloween party tonight. It is a costume party. I have no costume - I used all the costume creation energy I had to put together one for young daughter. Uh...I have an hour and 20 minutes to come up with something. Will I cheat and borrow young son's horror mask and black sheet? Will I cave and go as a blogger? Clock is ticking.... (What I'm really hoping here is that if I come with arms laden with alcoholic offerings, my costume-less status will be forgiven...)

Halloween quiz of sorts…

Because it's Friday, and I'm heading into a Halloween weekend that's mostly kid-free, I'm giddy. And I also want you all to do some work here to entertain the masses instead. So, without further ado, the Halloween quiz: Favorite candy that's easy to score on HalloweenFavorite candy that no one ever seems to give out(For parents)Candy you're most likely to confiscate as 'Daddy Tax' or "Mom Tax' while ostensibly checking the stuffWorst Halloween candyWorst treat (non-candy) ever receivedBest costume you ever madeWorst costume you ever saw My answers below... Betsy says: Favorite candy that's also easy to score on Halloween: Reese's Favorite candy that no one ever seems to [Read more...]

Doing the Mom thing…

...over at DotMoms, (update - it'll be there tomorrow...) where I wax philosophical about my newfound appreciation for the color pink, princess costumes, and a lack of rose-colored glasses. ...as I accompany The Princess as her personal dresser and handmaiden this morning at a school event and costume extravaganza. Back later. Don't eat all the Halloween candy while I'm gone...

Zogby on The Daily Show

Pollster John Zogby called it for Kerry tonight, without the slightest hesitation. Sure, he had the reasons and the rationale when questioned - but he also acknowledged that there's still a lot of uncertainty out there, and plenty of people waiting until the last minute to make up their minds. He reiterated what I've been saying all along - that people just don't answer their phones any more, and that makes his job harder (2 out of 3 people don't routinely answer their phones to an unknown caller, or have call blocking implemented, he estimated.) And why was this avowed 'just say NO to listening to pollsters' snarkette doing watching Zogby anyway? Uh...I saved my Daily [Read more...]